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Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus


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Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus.

38 | 17 March 36AD | Equite | Imperial Client for Ludus Dacicus & Gang Leader of the Lupii of Roma gang | Bisexual | Canon | Eric Bana





Titus is a man who delves in both the legal and illegal living. The face he chooses to wear during each time depends on the situation required. 

He is a man who has spilled blood and still retains his angry outbursts that have robbed him of his parental figures. Occasionally he will still have his outbursts. Once a young man with the burden of the leadership of a gang and inheritance of a contract thus on him. Fortunately, their neutrality ultimately paid off, and now the Lupii of Roma are associated with betting scams for either the games or the races. With his men, he is a firm but fair leader, but is not above sending unruly or rebellious gladiators to the mines for any crimes they commit against him. Nor is he above a discreet knife to the ribs for someone who dares to betray him. 

Annia and Numeria are both two sides of the one coin for him. He is not above playing them each against each other for his own benefit. Neither of them have given him the son that he desires most of all, and it is another thing he cruelly uses against either of them. Titus is entitled and believes it is his right to have as many lovers as he chooses to do so. Something his ego would not permit from his wife nor his lover. He suspects Numeria of trying to manipulate the situation so he marries her one day. Ultimately, he cares for both of them and has a lot of respect for Annia's business sense. 

Titus is a man who can be bought, he accepts and embraces this. He believes that all men can be bought and there are no virtuous men, only skilled liars, and wishes that he will be present to make a profit from any transactions that take place. He projects these beliefs on other people. 

Towards his daughter, Canica, he is considerate and kind. He has no interest in her taking on either of the family businesses. Instead he is devoted to the idea of protecting her and unfortunately, she has inherited her mother's stubborn streak and her father's temper. 



Titus can be described as a typically handsome man. He is 5'10ft and is on the taller side for a Roman. His skin is olive in colour and tans when he is in sunlight. Occasionally he gets stubble although a majority of the time, he is clean shaven. His hair is dark brown and often curls. 

He wears clothing based on the situation and is not unwilling to conceal himself when he is among the lower classes. 



FatherTiberius Justinus Canicus Phiscerus (deceased)

MotherCambria Phisceria (both deceased)

Siblings: Efremus Canicus Phiscerus (deceased), Canica Phiscera Major (deceased)

Spouse: Annia Comna 

Children: Canica Phisceria (10 years)

Extended family:


Mistress: Numeria Varro

Second-in-command for the Lupii of Roma - Lucius Corvinus
Enforcers - 5 x open slots
Gang members  - many open slots

Lanista -  Gaius Vellius A
Doctore -      freedman
Primus - Ares
Medicus -  Freedman
Other gladiators - Many, I suspect. 



Born - 36AD

Childhood - Second child and second son. His childhood was quite happy and as expected for him. He learned about commerce and trade. Growing up it took him a long time to realise what exactly his parents did for a living. During his early boyhood he would try to express himself by attending all the parties, acting the fool and several brothels. While this wilder side still remains it has been tempered with goals, planning, and a desire to develop himself. 

His brother Efremus began to move through a political career. The 'respectable' path while his parents groomed him towards the gang and management of the Ludii respectively. There was a moment where he refused to agree to it. Yet eventually, he began to embrace his role as the "unlawful" brother. Years later, his brother was killed with an issue with his lover in a brothel and he was slain. He went into mourning. Much of his good nature towards others began to disappear that day, and be replaced with a businessman who wished to remove anything that got in the way. However, he still retained limitations to what he would do. He still loved his family and wanted to protect them. Anyone who he would later hurt had to be hurt for 'business' only, and would try to spare anyone who was innocent from any pain. 

Titus' parents were killed by him in secret and he managed to retain the Imperial client contract that his father had. His father was slain through a brawl and the mother by a poisoned meal. His motivation for the slaying was their apparent failure in their duties of protecting his eldest brother.  Each death had been arranged by him, and he mourned at their passing. Marriage to Annia was done out of convenience and slowly the pair of them came to love each other. Titus ignored the Sapphic lusts Annia had for her female body slaves, and has no desire for her to bed male slaves. In the past, he has warned her about what would happen if she did. Divorce and publicly disgraced. An adulteress. Although realistically many of the Roman women would be cast in equally a negative light. 

Titus' sister soon became ill and died of natural causes. A funeral and epitaph has been written in her honour. The Caesars are slain, and he ensures that his gladiators are the ones who have the contracts. However, slowly and surely, a rivalry with the Ludus Magnus begins to emerge. Even with this contact through his gang to rig the races and the games. The wily man always finds a way to manoeuvrer around his plans. Birth of daughter. He loves his daughter yet desires a son to continue the family name, business, and everything else he has managed to build for them. 

Titus manages to remain as neutral as possible during the course of the civil war and finds himself to not be favoured by either candidate. Finally when Quintus Alexander becomes Caesar, a deal is struck with all the gangs who continue to operate yet understand their roles and what they can get away with. Not wishing to lose the Imperial client contract that allows him access to the games, and a considerable amount of coin. As the years went by, they were mostly uneventful for him and he continues to see his wealth continuing. His wife over time has become more of a partner with him and is invested in the business. However she has still not given him the son that he desperately craves. For the moment, he continues the different sides of his life and the roles he has to play. Watching and waiting... ready to ensure that he will continue to gain what he desires from it all. 

Current time



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