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  1. Bump. Also feel free to contact me if you are interested in playing his Uncle or any connected family members.
  2. "Home." Do you fear battle?
  3. Sept 75AD Barely controllable anger filled him. An affair. His wife... dared to have an affair on him. He exhaled sharply with his hand tightly gripping around the parchment that confirmed the dreaded news. His suspicions had been accurate, and he chose to believe her over what his instincts were telling him. Revenge. All he could think of was revenge. The pair of them shared a daughter together. No sons.... no-one to continue the family business that depended on a strong man to continue both businesses. Titus opened the scrunched up piece of parchment, opened it and read it a second time. The dreaded news remained the same. Idly it was tossed into the fire and as he watched the flames consume it. He imagined the love and respect for her slowly being eaten alive before it was replaced with ash. Titus was now determined for her die. He had sold on Clio, an act of love and kindness. The... feelings he had for the slave was not appropriate considering. He smiled to himself in bitter determination and thought more on it. Perhaps now was the time to seek out a younger, more fertile wife who could provide him with the sons he desired? Death, it was necessary, and at least... she had been discreet when it came to her dealings with them. He poured himself some wine, and decided now was the time for the search to begin. OOC: I checked with Gothy if this was okay.
  4. Apologies all, I will be posting when when my situation is better. I am aiming for the latter end of July, and I apologise to all the people I had threads/plots with.
  5. Gaius Fabius Maximus - 11 - green - Brian Lucius Caecilius Metellus - 9 - blue - Brian Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus - 2 - purple - Brian @Anna
  6. Back again. Looking for plots and threads. 

    1. Atrice


      I'd love to plot and thread with you again 😄

    2. Brian


      I would love to plot and thread with you again! 

  7. Brian

    Brian's plotter.

    Hiya Sara! All three could have possibly know her. Here are a few of my ideas, thus far. There is also a chance he would know her husband, too. From what I remember, Gaius has a thread with Aulus already. Gaius -- She may have known his step-mother or knew him for being somewhat lecherous. It could make for an interesting friendship or possible hatred. I'm up for either. Appius -- He is the most social of my characters and would probably be happy to chat with her. If they were friends during childhood and the civil wars, it makes sense that they would be friends still. Lucius -- I'm not sure how Lucius would be. Let me know what you think.
  8. Brian

    Brian's plotter.

    I have returned and I will be reaching out to people I have plots/threads with. I think I will close/wrap up a majority of them, and start fresh. Again, apologies to all I have threads with.
  9. Name: BrianDescription: Information and other pieces about; Apollodorus, Appius Cornelius Scipio, Basir the Bloody, Gaius Fabius Maximus, Lucius Caecilius Metellus, Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus. @Anna
  10. He prayed to his ancestors and to the Gods of his Fathers. A part of him wondered if they even heard his prayers anymore. How else would he become a slave? Basir grinned to himself, happy and eager. His hair long and braided. Made to look like the Parthians that Rome continued to have a mixed relationship with. He didn't mind. He was more than happy to play the role needed of him. Basir walked towards the horse he had been paired with, trained with and he had long learned not to get too attached to any of them. Still... he liked this fellow. Basir mounted, patted the brown neck of the horse and a javelin was placed in his hand along with a bow. He didn't have many arrows placed in his quiver, each of them needed to count. He cantered the horse around the arena, screaming and baring his teeth as the crowd both cheered and booed him. He recognised his opponent, yet did not know him well. He rode close and looked up to await the opening of their match. OOC: RL got crazy. @Atrice @Gothic
  11. Brian~ staying ~ keeping: Apollodorus, Appius Cornelius Scipio, Basir the Bloody, Gaius Fabius Maximus, Lucius Caecilius Metellus, Titus Justinius Cancius Phiscerus. dropping: Vergillus (deceased)
  12. "The city, always." What is your favourite time of day?
  13. Brian

    A woman in breeches

    He didn't want this conversation to end. Ask her uncles? Sure, he knew them quite well. However, he did not particularly want to ask them about a gladiatrix slave in the service of a Roman princess. Still.... it raised many questions that he was only too happy to ask. Lucius noticed she didn't immediately say no. He shrugged a little, listened and supposed that he could realistically afford something better. "Oh, please ask her and perhaps there is a chance that I will see you again," He answered, and wondered how he could run into her around Rome. Lucius lifted his cup and gave her a toast. This time he did not block her path and try to stop her. Lucius had already cooked up a plan in order to get the pair of them to meet once more. Cynane could not write.... but... her Domina certainly could. "Farewell, beautiful Amazon...… I will see you again." -finished- @Atrice
  14. Titus listened. He wondered which of the gangs that Marcus paid for protection. Mandatum or Apolloni were two of the most likely candidates. It was hard to tell which. He sat down on the comfortable chair, made himself comfortable and lifted his chin to expose his neck to the barber. The scent of lemon and almond oil filled his nostrils, strangely it brought up memories of Numeria, his lover. "I am interested in knowing businesses that I plan to frequent more regularly. Your place has come highly recommended." He answered, his hands rested on his lap and were gently folded. The fingertips crossed and idly tapped against each other while he waited for Marcus Barbatius to begin his line of work. Either way, it was still quite impressive to see an establishment lasting six years in Rome. "Forgive me, we have not yet been introduced," He said, extended his hand. "I am Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus," Titus introduced himself. There was a chance that Marcus would know him for the association with the Ludus Dacicus or through the illegal dealings with the Lupii of Roma. @Atrice
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