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  1. There were plenty of times when he was perfectly happy to be bested by a woman. Yet this was a Oh... well... now that was certainly unexpected. Through the marriage of his daughter he was connected to the Imperial family and thus, knew who Claudia Caesaris was. What was interesting in particular was why did a Roman princess have a breeches wearing Amazon in her service? What's more.... how did she could to be in her service? The answer only brought more questions than answers! He grinned, shook his head and poured them both some more wine in an invitation. Lucius did not expect her to take it. He mainly desired to tease and get a reaction out of her. "Claudia Caesaris! That explains a lot..... now... how Cynane the Amazonian end up in the service of a Roman princess?" Lucius inquired eagerly, clearly wished to know everything that was taking place and winked at her. It was later in the evening, and soon he too would need to go home in order to rest from the strain of the day. Still..... he was completely and utterly intrigued. "Or perhaps we could have another meeting? I promise, I'll bring the stew!" He exclaimed. Not that he particularly enjoyed eating the food of the lower classes. Still.... he wanted to have something to offer regardless. @Atrice
  2. The words had finally been spoken. His sister had married respectfully and yet remained Sapphic in nature. With a Vestal? He did not know what to do think still. After today he would remain silent concerning the love between the two women. Now he felt truly at peace in a way he did not feel for some time. The message had been revealed, and had been well received. Lucius wanted to reached out to touch Pontia's arm in gratitude yet did not wish to cause any issues. Perhaps he would not see his sister tonight at all? It would be a blessing to sleep soundly without her haunting words disturbing otherwise pleasant dreams. Lucius had come to discuss what was needed, and did not wish to reveal too much gratitude or thanks in such a public place. Some things were not for the populace of Rome to see. Thus their meeting had come to a conclusion. Nor did he wish for the Vestalas Maxima to lose her composure in public to arouse any questions or unnecessary comments. "I hope so, Vestalas Maxima," He said, rose to his seat and bowed his head to her politely. "Thank you for seeing me today. I have other business to attend to and I do not wish to keep you from your duties to Vesta." Lucius gave a possible and respectable reason for the meeting to come to a close. @Gothic
  3. Character name: VergillusAssociated Ludus: N/AExperience: 0Type of gladiator: Prisoner.Death: Open. Character name: Apollodorus. Associated Ludus: Maurtinus. Experience: 3Type of gladiator: Cestus. Death: Open. Character name: Basir the BloodyAssociated Ludus: Gallenius. Experience: 2Type of gladiator: Sagittarius.Death: Open.
  4. Gaius knew it was flattery, still, he was more than willing to sip from that cup. Perfect man? Goodness. That was straight to the point. "Only one of the few perfect men?" He gasped, a hand placed on his chest in mock frustration and then it moved to his forehead in pretend exasperation. Yet the specialities was the reason why he had come. Something could always be said for experience. Gaius had many intimate encounters over the years. But eight hours? Gaius raised his eyebrows, and had to question the validity of that. There is a chance that they were doing other things rather than the act itself. Despite the knowledge of how the body worked and functioned. Gaius was absolutely willing to give into exaggeration. And, like any good courtesan, she back it up with a challenge. Gaius tilted his head backwards and chuckled in amusement. While he was aware of it... he was certainly willing to buy into it. "Eight hours?! Were you attempting to kill the poor old bastard?" Gaius exclaimed. No doubt he would sleep for twelve hours if he ever managed to wake up after spending time with her time that. Like a moth to the flame, he was all too willing to take her up on that challenge. His virtus depended on it! "I guess I will have to try, and should I fail?" Gaius asked then shrugged. "I guess I will have to try again, and again til I get it right." @Sydney
  5. Gaius absolutely had to agree concerning Aulus' age. His stepmother would be blessed to think he had enough tact not to mention it right away. He scoffed at the mention of fewer opportunities for bloodshed in the races. Gaius had seen plenty of charioteers use their whip on each other or use underhanded methods to see each other harmed. Anything in order to win. "If there isn't a lot of blood they aren't doing it right." Gaius answered. He took a large mouthful of wine before he swallowed the liquid. He hated these sorts of connections made like this. Gaius preferred the connections made through warfare, or at least through military life. The city of Rome only brought out his negative traits. He should mention the invitation that his mother routinely pressured him to extend to other noble families of Rome.Gaius could just imagine her unapproving look while he wasted time. "My step-mother also offers her greetings," Gaius said. His step-mother was known as a social butterfly although it was difficult to say how Aulus or his family viewed her. "And no doubt wants to catch up with you and yours sometime." He added with the hint of a dismissive sigh. How much Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus and Julia Babila knew each other was up to debate. @Sharpie
  6. He needed new recruits to take in. It was as though the Gods had answered his prayers when four slaves would be brought to him for training. There was a chance that there would be a champion from among their ranks. Yet it was equally likely that they would be made gladiators with an average service record. Some would possibly be freed while others would die for the roar of the Roman crowd. Either way, so long as he was able to gain a return on his investments, it was perfectly fine by him. Titus walked beside his lanista, Gaius Vellius and looked down at the men as they arrived. He smiled to himself and with a silent nod of agreement the two men left the balcony. The slave girl opened her mouth to tell him, he raised his hand to both acknowledge and shut her down immediately while they walked to where they would be received. It was quite... unexpected to bring the recruits inside right away. Slaves traditionally were brought to the back in order to be presented. Titus and Gaius stood side by side. The elder looked rougher, older and had clearly had a rough upbringing by his expressions. "Slaves typically go to the back," Titus warned for the future. Casually his gaze moved from one specimen to the next.. to him, they were livestock that could speak and would earn him coin. Gaius walked close to them. The lanista started with the one furthest from Ambrosius. Gaius observed, studied them closely and walked past them. His gaze glared at them in a dominant fashion. They were the lowest of the low in gladiator society. If they survived and had the honour of the brand, they would enter the brotherhood of the gladiators and even receive an honourable burial at their passing. While this was happening... "Where are these ones from? Prisoners of war?" Titus asked, and silently wished he had a son to teach the family trade. Sure, the ludi contracts could be removed by Caesar yet why remove the right family for the job? @Polarity
  7. There were many times when he had noticed her. Clio was beautiful, and yet... there was the promise he had made to his wife not to touch her. It was strange. Denying someone something tended to make them desire it more intensely. Titus looked away. He did not wish to have his desires betrayed when he looked at her. With a frown of frustration at his own desire, he lifted up a glass of wine and took a sip of the liquid. Over time, he had begun to get suspicions of much of his wife's conduct with the gladiators, and while he was socially permitted to be as free as he desired. Titus did not like nor approve of her increased contact with them. Despite his love for her and appreciation of her business sense. Or, perhaps his own jealousy was fueled by his own desire for the one slave he was not permitted to have. The only one. "I want everyone to go through the Ludus Dacicus, and to promote us. Naturally, she can use flattery and invite prominent members of the wealthiest families to attend the Ludus. Show off, send out bribes of food to the plebs and proles, that sort of thing." He answered, there was only so much he could do from the illegal perspective. His Ludus needed to be the best through its own merits. Through his skill and mastery. His wife would be the perfect picture. The hostess of their home. His line of work may be infamous yet it certainly came with rewards. The temptation of using other methods still remained strong. He did not need to tell her this. Yet... a part of him felt drawn to do so. "I will be purchasing new slaves to train and if they proved useful. They will have the honour of becoming gladiators." @Liv
  8. Titus smiled politely. The barber had no idea about the level he would happily take his barbarism. Nor was he aware of how Marcus treated his own slaves. He himself was certainly not soft when it came to dealing with them either. This was a social visit to get to know his fellow Romans. He didn't answer the first part concerning Barbatius' reputation or name. All he knew was that he could receive a good quality shave here. Marcus was certainly not wrong when it came to his hair or beard. He had more than enough income to purchase a slave to tend to this matter if he wanted to. Yet being part of Roman society was important, and there was always a chance he could potentially overheard something of value when he was here. "Yes, just a shave and a trim," He answered, without hesitation he turned to walk towards the chair and sat down on it. Making himself perfectly home in the establishment. His chin lifted while he waiting for the oils to be put on his skin in anticipation for the razor across his throat. Some civil conversation was expected. Titus made himself comfortable while his bodyguard stood closer to the door while the body slave remained close to him. Either to oversee what was going to proceed or to offer any assistance if necessary. Given his status, he would make his slave barter for payment when the time came. "How long have you had this establishment for?" @Atrice
  9. Brian

    The gif game

    "Well, hello there...…"
  10. "To mock my family." Who do you miss the most?
  11. I would be more than happy to have him as part of the school. Shall we have a thread where he is purchased?
  12. Would this ever end?! Gaius had only been half listening to the proceedings. He knew that his mother would probably want to know everything about what had been happening. Who suggested what, who had been hostile to someone else, and more. He leaned against a pillar, yawned and said nothing. @Gothic
  13. I have one character who would be incredibly interested in speaking with Manius. Titus is an ambitious man who holds the Imperial contract for one of the Ludii. So, there is that they could bond with, although in particular I would be interested in how another element would go. He is also the leader of the Wolves of Rome who dabble in rigging the games and the races for a favourable outcome. Titus tends to be quite hands off when it comes to dealing with the gang. However, it would be quite juicy if they met somewhere and had a bit of a passive aggressive tiff in fine company, and see how things would go down the road?
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