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Which event shall we do?  

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  1. 1. Games Or Races!

    • Why not both? (Both will be happening but this is a good way to see what people want first ;) )

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What it says on the tin! 

The next event that is upcoming for us. 

Do you want Gladiatorial games or Chariot races? 


Handy notes!

  • Members will be able to make Quick application characters to take part. You'll be able to say whether you are okay with injury, maim (lost hand, or eye, etc) or death. If you decide you want to keep this character. Please convert the application into the full one. 
  • Members will have a choice to go by a dice roll or by RPing it out. 
  • There will be areas for the nobles to hang out, gossip and maybe something spicy will happen. 😉 
  • This is also perfect to drag your friendos who have been on the border about joining the site/how much time they have. 


Cast your vote, people! 

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Poll closed. 

The first event we're going to have is a round of gladiator games! Stay tuned for more information and the sign ups/info! 

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