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42 | 4 January 33CE | Slave | Body slave | Pansexual | Wanted | Rufus Sewell





Tranquillus was re-named by his master after his demeanor, and it is a very fitting name. The man is calm, proper, reserved, and it's really hard to get a reaction out of him. He's seen a lot, and believed it befits his position not to be surprised by anything - which, however, doesn't mean he doesn't have opinions. In fact, he has a lot of them, but he keeps them to himself. He holds himself to high standards, and he tends to do the same with everyone around him, whether he says it or not. Tranquillus is patient and tactful, and he applies these skills in his work and in his life. Rather than confronting problems head on, he bides his time and tries his best to smooth things over and keep everything on an even keel. He is highly educated for a slave, enjoys reading and learning, and takes quiet amusement in observing the world around him.  So far, romance and lust have passed him by, which is why he generally finds matters of the heart (or flesh) kind of confusing. This is one of the few things that can trip up his usually calm daily life.



Tranquillus is tall and lean, with light olive skin and dark hair. He keeps his hair cropped short and (with the approval of his master) usually also keeps a short and tidy beard. He doesn't mind shaving, but as someone who enjoys philosophy and Greek literature, he takes pride in wearing his beard, and usually only shaves when the summer gets really hot. In general, everything about Tranquillus is neat and tidy, within the simple limits of slave life. His tunics are kept spotlessly clean and so are his hands and nails. He moves in quiet and efficient ways, and knows how to blend into the background (an important skill for a body slave). His smile is elusive, usually no more than a curve of the corner of his lips, or an amused smirk, but his dark green eyes often talk when the rest of his face doesn't. Tranquillus is not exactly a young man anymore, but he lives a healthy lifestyle, visiting baths for bathing and exercise when he has the chance. 



Father: Rullus

Mother: Servilia

Siblings: two sisters, still slaves in Hispania

Spouse: none

Children: none

Extended family: none

Other: Body slave to Titus Sulpicius Rufus



33CE - A boy named Novus is born into a wealthy household in Hispania. He is the first child of two household slaves, also born into slavery, but both of Iberian descent. He is soon followed by two younger sisters.

41CE - When Novus is eight years old, his master begins to notice signs of intelligence in him. Planning on making him a tutor of his newborn sons, he begins the boy's education in reading, writing, mathematics, and other subjects. Novus takes to reading fast and quite enjoys it. He is a quiet and observant child, not really suited for manual labor, and he takes his role as a future tutor very seriously. He learns Latin and Greek, and takes an interest in philosophy and history.

48CE - Novus takes on the early education of the master's twin sons. He is a capable tutor in a quiet but determined way.

65CE - Novus is 32 years old when his master dies unexpectedly of illness. The elder twin son inherits him as a tutor and body slave. He is 24 years old, and despite Novus' best efforts at tutoring, he is reckless and prone to decadence. Over the next few years he gets more and more annoyed with his tutor, and more and more bored with Hispania. 

69CE - Novus travels to Rome with his master. There he is acquired by Titus Sulpicius Rufus, and re-named Tranquillus for his calm demeanor. Titus buys him after encountering his master at a couple of social events and observing both Novus' elegant, efficient, and patient behavior, and his young master's rowdy responses. Novus, now called Tranquillus at Titus' whim, takes on his new role as a body slave with no small amount of relief. 

74CE - Titus Sulpicius Rufus acquires a new slave, and names him Florus. Tranquillus' calm life is thrown into disarray.


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