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  1. Lexus crouched down to hold a hand out to Echo. She sniffed at it, the purred; she was generally a friendly cat, and right now she was more than a little blissful from rolling among the valerian bushes. "Echo? Isn't that... a nymph? I think I recall the name from some story. She fell in love, but the love was not returned." "Yes." Septima smiled, happy that Lexus recognized the name. Most people did not pay much attention to how she named the cats she kept. "Although I named her that because she follows people around and meows when they speak." Echo, true to her nature, meowed, and then flopped down on the garden path. "So... which flowers do you like?" "I... like all of them." she admitted, suddenly a little shy that she had to make decisions. Usually she just wandered around picking what she liked, but having a gardener who actually understood the plants made it a bit different. "Something that smells good would be good... Maybe lavender?" @Atrice
  2. "Yeah you better not bring down your familia, or you'll end up an outcast without belonging anywhere." Lucius drank from his wine too. That was the problem, wasn't it? For all his quiet rebellion and lack of ambition, he did not exactly have any other applicable skills at all. If Gaius decided to turn him out (risking the family scandal), he would not have much to do to survive... "How about... you find something good to do. Maybe you would be a good lawyer? And then, if you got married before your brother and had a son before him... you'd hold all the cards. Until he has a son. If he has a son. Then you get to decide." Lucius snorted, amused by the master plan. "So... get married and get to making babies to piss my brother off even more. You know what? I like this plan." he grinned "Now, if there was only an eligible maiden whose family would accept me..." Of course, no one would. Not unless he showed some actual potential. Most Roman senators were not that dumb. "How about you? Any marriage prospects?" @Atrice
  3. The man looked suspicious. As in, it was both suspicious that he was looking around the murder scene, and also he was looking at Azarion with suspicion. They sized each other up. He was definitely taller and more muscular than Azarion. The charioteer was ready to put up a fight if it came to that, but he was probably not going to win. "Hey... got anything interesting there you'd like to show me?" ... Or maybe the guy was just looking for sex. Azarion made a face at him. Not showing you anything, creep. But he relaxed his hand a little. There was nothing to see there anymore, among the crates. Nothing visible, anyway. @Atrice
  4. Azarion noticed the tall man walking towards the door of the Circus. His eyes narrowed, watching to see if he would just walk by, taking a shortcut to wherever he was going. He didn't. He slowerd down, as if he was heading towards the same place not far from the door where Azarion was looking around. Was he... a visitor, at this strange hour? Or someone, returning to the site of a murder? Planning another one? Azarion's hand traveled to his belt; he was not allowed to carry weapons, but he had a hoof pick at hand, just in case. Not that it made him any less suspicious, standing among the crates and amphorae in the alley... @Atrice
  5. August 76 AD It had been ten month. Ten months since Safinia was murdered. A lot had changed in that time: Azarion had grown taller and stronger, turned eighteen years old, and was now a charioteer for the Whites rather than a stable boy. He was learning to write to communicate, and he was treated well, if sternly, by his dominus. Rome had a new caesar. And yet, in a way, it felt like time had been standing still all this time. They never caught the man who murdered Safinia. No one even seemed to care. The sensation had long died off, and no one was much inspired to look into the death of a kitchen girl. But Azarion missed her. She had been a friend, someone who rolled her eyes at him but acknowledged him as a person anyway. And the gods had to be angry, that no one was punished for her death. Sometimes Azarion wondered if her spirit was lingering, waiting for someone to bring justice to her murdered. Sometimes he wished he could talk to her. It was late afternoon now, the training had ended for the day. Once again, Azarion had slipped out the back door of the stables, and made his way to the alley where the mudered had happened ten months before. Any clues that might have been left were long gone now, and he had been over trying to imagine the sequence of events a million times. Still, he did it again. It was not like he had anything better to do. @Atrice
  6. "I get that you're a slave. But I had thought Sarmatia was faring better than my homeland." Yeah, because we fight better. "Not all of your people are under Roman rule, no?" Azarion shook his head. No, they weren't. But they had treaties, since they lived along the border, and sometimes those treaties did not hold up. And then chief's sons lost their tongue. Azarion glanced around. He didn't normally carry writing instruments, because he didn't normally have people to talk to. And the ground was paved. Damn Romans. Azarion mimed writing to the woman with a questioning look. Could she even read? @Sara
  7. "A charioteer? How fancy." Sarcasm. Great. At least they had one language in common. She nodded to him to follow. Azarion followed, despite the very likely chance that he still might get robbed. He hoped she was not a prostitute that lured people in with flowers. He probably did not have the money for that. "I'm a business woman." Definitely a prostitute. "How did you lose your tongue?" Azarion gave a look. Really? Well, he could tell her the story... if he had a tongue. He rolled his eyes, crossing his wrists. Captured, obviously. The fact that he had tattoos meant he had been born among his people, but he was not sure she would put it together. He made gestures, signifying a border on a map, and being taken across that border. The rest was probably too hard to follow. How did one mime hostage? @Sara
  8. A man brought a torch to take a better look at his tattoo. The woman seemed to be running things. That was unusual in Rome, but not all that strange if she really was from his part of the world. He wondered how she had ended up so far from home. Evindently, she wondered the same. "Sarmatian. You're a long way from home. Slave?" Azarion always felt a small sense of relief when someone recognized his tribe. It felt like not being invisible, like he was to most Romans. You are too, he noted with a raised eyebrow. He tapped his slave tablet again, and pointed at the Whites symbol. He made gestures, mimicking holding the reins of horses. Charioteer. He tilted his head, motioning at her. What was she, the local herbalist? @Sara
  9. "Yes, it's to smoke. Flowers, from Dacia." Dacia. Of course. That's what the accent was. Azarion's people had dealt with their neighbors often, especially after Dacia became a province. Their culture was definitely different, but they both kind of hated the Romans the same way. And they both knew what these flowers were for. No wonder she was selling them in Rome. It was probably good business. "You know what it is already though, don't you?" Azarion nodded. Turning his side to her, he tapped the tattoo on his calf; it was the same motif most of his people wore, so if she'd ever met Sarmatians, she was likely to recognize it. @Sara
  10. "Do you not speak Latin?" Alright, maybe she was dumb. Azarion sighed, motioning at his mouth and making a cutting gesture. Mute, not deaf. He tapped the tablet around his neck, too; it carried the Whites' emblem. There was no guarantee she'd know who he was; he had not participated in any big races yet. But at least she knew he belonged somewhere. He was not going to flash them any coin until he was sure he was making a purchase and not getting robbed. It was an illusion, of course, but it was all he had. Whether she noticed he scars and marks on him in the twilight, he didn't know. She also had an accent that he could not quite place. He made gestures mimicking smoke flying into the air. That was what she was selling, wasn't it? @Sara
  11. Ever since Safinia's death, Azarion once again felt like he had no roots in the city. Despite his growing career as a charioteer, and the added freedom it came with (he was now allowed to leave the Circus, as long as he got back by curfew), he found himself wandering aimlessly more often than not. He hoped that if he spent more time in the popinas and around the markets, eventually he would hear something useful about whoever killed Safinia. Asking questions, obviously, was not something he could do. So, he wandered, and hoped. The man called out to him first. Azarion had wandered farther than usual from the Circus tonight, and it was getting dark. The many must have assumed he was here looking for whatever he was offering, because he gave him some all-knowing, secretive looks, and opened his bag to show off his wares. Azarion was not sure at first what even he was selling, but the scent soon made it clear. He knew it, from faraway, long time ago childhood memories. Leave it to the Romens to adopt everything that seemed useful from their neighbors. He made some gestures, asking for the price; more elaborate questions, like about the quality, were not going to work anyway. The young man must have been especially stupid, because the gestures confused him to no end. Damn. "What do you want? We don't do charity here, if you can't afford it then leave." Oh, good, a woman joined in. Azarion huffed. Charity, my ass. He made some gestures at her, maybe she was smarter. I have money. But I want to see what you are selling. @Sara
  12. Was she a little bit disappointed that he was shopping for family, not for a wife or a lover? Maybe, but she was sensible enough not to show it. "Oh, if it's for family members... I'd suggest something simpler, like silver or bronze. Unless it's of, course, a special occasion. A birthday, perhaps? A wedding or the birth of a child?" "No occasion. Unless a family visit counts as one" Lucius shook his head. Visiting their mother at the estate was technically rare enough to qualify as a special occasion. Not to mention visiting Vipsania, whom he had not seen for a long time. "Silver and sapphire work great together, in my opinion. These are all one-of-a-kind, of course, so your relatives are sure to be the envy of the arena anytime they attend the ludi! Even the gladiators will be jealous of the looks they'll garner!" She was a little bit too enthusiastic about this. It made Lucius chuckle. He tried to imagine his mother at the games, cheering for gladiators and showing off sparkling jewels. It felt soo... impossible. "We also have some merchandise with engraved gemstones, if you'd really like for the jewels to attract attention!" "I... don't think attention is what my mother is going for." he smirked, admiring the - actually very fine - jewelry. "I am sorry for not having someone more interesting to gift for." @David
  13. "Bring some wine into the tablinum, will you? And yes, that would be helpful - perhaps she could help organise your library, Horatia?" "Right away, dominus." the family moved over to the tablinum, and Horatia motioned to Tacita to follow. Felix hurried for some wine and soon returned - they always kept cool wine ready in the kitchens in case the dominus asked for some. It had to feel horrible, being a gift that was not very enthusiastically received, and having your own fate discussed over your head. It was often the fate of slaves, and Felix still felt for the mute girl. "Do you know one another?" "I have seen her at the market before, domina" Felix nodded. He avoided to mention that he'd tripped over the poor girl. And now she was here, a new addition to the household with really nothing to do. "Do you know of any needs we have in the house, that she could help with just for now whilst I find something for her to do?" Uh-oh. Felix ran over the household issues in his mind, trying to think of something the girl could do that would keep her useful, but wasn't too demeaning. "The gardener said he could use some assistance with the new flowerbeds" he noted, glancing at Tacita before he turned back to Horatia. "And domina mentioned a new ornatrix would be appreciated. If she has skills like that." @Sharpie @Sara @Jenn
  14. Lucius wandered through the Emporium, looking for inspiration. He could have sent a slave, honestly, but he preferred to shop for gifts himself when his mother was involved. And gifting was always awkward without inspiration. He did not have any plans to buy anything specific; he just walked around, waiting for something that stood out. The brothers were planning on paying their mother a visit soon, and Lucius did not like to shop up empty-handed. Since Gaius was the designated busybody of the family, he volunteered to get the shopping done. The jewelry store looked promising. Lucius was not very well versed in jewelry, given that he had no wife or lover, and neither did Gaius (as far as he knew). Luckily, there was a young woman standing behind the counter. She looked like she knew what she was doing, and greeted him with a smile as he entered. "Hello and welcome to our humble store! How may I help you today? We've just put a lovely amethyst ring up for sale, and a marvelous headpiece decorated with pearls straight from the Empire's shores! If you're looking for a safe bet, I'd suggest some gold bracelets; those never go out of style!" The store was definitely not humble. Lucius returned the smile, glancing around. "I am not sure what I am looking for, to be honest" he admitted. "I would like to buy a gift for my mother... and maybe my sister. I would appreciate the help." @David
  15. "My father died when I was very young too. I don't remember much of it." Well, they had that in common. Silanus seemed a few years younger than him (more the appropriate age to be having the same concerns about starting the cursus). Lucius knew there were quite a few young men in Rome their age who had lost fathers and grandfathers back in the war. "What do you want to do then? Legions or lawyer? I'm not sure what I prefer. Everyone says I should go into the military too, but I'm just not so sure it's for me. On the other hand, if that's the way to go in order to get somewhere... I guess that is where I'm going, eventually." "I am not sure I want to get somewhere... or rather, where it is I want to get" Lucius admitted "But the family name is on the line, and my brother is not married yet. So, I have to make a choice before I bring down the entire familia..." @Atrice
  16. Her domina had died, in a way many Roman women did, even the wealthy ones: in childbirth. It sounded like Antheia would have been a loyal friend to her, if the gods had not decided another way, sending her to be an entertainer first, and then a tutor. Maybe for the better. A lot of men required different entertainment at their feasts. Felix listened to her story, nodding as she talked. "What about you? Did you serve someone else before consul Calpurnius?" "No" Felix shook his head with a smile "I was born in his household. I grew up working around the house... dominus selected me as his body slave when he went into exile during the civil war." It had been the turning point of his life, in more ways than one. @locutus-sum
  17. Lucius tilted his head at the barking. Gaius had mentioned something about Longinus' very large dog. If it had a habit of mauling people to death, it was probably for the best if they stayed away. Lucius followed his host's lead and reclined on a couch too. Various foods were already set out on a low table. He was not sure how long he would stay, once Longinus heard about the whole issue, though. "You can take up all the time you want, it saves me from paperwork. And you have no interest? At all?" "Not really." he admitted. This was going to go faster if he was honest. "Honestly, I have never been all that inspired by politics. Or the legions, no offense. It's not like I hate the idea, it's just... doesn't feel like something I'd like to do." he shrugged. "Of course, I will have to do something sooner, rather than later..." @Sara
  18. “Maybe I should. What say you? Undress her?” Thessala appreciated a fellow professional who knew how to work a crowd as well as a sword. The spectators' vote sounded unanimous. Of course, they were here for a different kind of show; lighter, more exciting, less bloody. She flashed a grin at the crowd. Of course they wanted to see her naked. They always wanted to see everyone naked. This was Rome, after all. “So that’s what we’ll do…” "Oh, I don't know" Thessala tossed her head, braids flying as Alexius put his shield down and they circled each other. She raised one of her swords to the crowd. "What say you? Undress him instead and bend him to my will?" They also seemed to like that idea. This was going to be a win-win situation. @Atrice @Sharpie @Sara @Liv
  19. A guard. Sometimes a bodyguard. That explained the scars, and the way he carried himself. Aia, just like Decimus, had wondered if their new neighbor had been in the legions too. She knew the type. But she suspected that he would have mentioned that earlier. "I feel safer already" she grinned. “What about you two? What do you work with?” "I'm..." an interprex "... a tutor to the children of a senator. I'm from Gaul, so I mostly teach them languages." she supplied. It was true, even though she was currently looking for some extra work, closer to the city itself. No need to mention where her skill with languages had taken her before. @Atrice @Sains
  20. The day was looking suddenly brighter as they smiled at each other. Septima could not help but think of Vertumnus, the ancient god of gardens and plants, as she looked at Lexus standing in the shade of their bushes and trees. Maybe it was a sign from the god on his festival day. Or maybe she was just being silly, like Thalia was sometimes. “Do you want me to help you pick flowers? You can tell me more about the garden too. Is there something you think should be done with it?” "Yes, some help would be lovely" she nodded, walking towards some of the flowerbeds. The car meowed and walked up to rub against her leg. "I don't really have anything specific... Less valerian, maybe?" she chuckled as she leaned down to pet the cat. "Echo here seems to have had enough..." @Atrice
  21. Famous gladiators had very dedicated supporters. Who often went beyond supporting them from afar. Alexius, back in the day, must have had quite a few. There were some women nearby, probably the kind who had extra money to spend, but Alexius was more focused on their own conversation. Felix found that he enjoyed being flirted with. "Right now though, that's not my focus for the day. What do you think... about one of my favorite places in Rome?" "It is an unusual choice. But I see why you chose it." Felix nodded with a smile. The sound of training weapons and a lanista shouting echoed down below them. "I'll drink to sitting up here with you. Much better than watching you down there." @Atrice
  22. The door creaked open. Artemon shook his hand off, but Iophon readied himself for tackling his brother again if he tried anything stupid. Which was, let's be honest, a distinct possibility. The guard entered the dark warehouse, calling out, and the brothers held their breath in the dark corner behind the crates. If the guard started a legit search, it would not take long before he found them. He needed light, though, so he left again, locking the warehouse door. Iophon let out the breath he had been holding. "You were saying...?" "We need to get out of here. Now, before he comes back." Iophon stated, standing up. @Liv
  23. At least she had been up front about the game. She needed a client, and she had found one. Lucius knew he was an ideal catch: wealthy, from a good family, and not half bad in bed. "An exceptional one. You know you'd earn a fortune at the Venus with those moves." "At least I have a career to fall back on" he grinned. "Are you going to come back to see me there when we're in the city, do you think?" "Maybe." the Venus was still very much an expensive place. But if he was ever going to look for company again, at least he knew he would get exactly what he wanted. From someone who was not just a pretty face. Lucius sighed, closing his eyes for a moment longer before reality started to creep back in. "Alright, let's get out of bad and see who survived the night. Where did I put my purse...?" @Sara
  24. She was either already alert enough to play her role, or she genuinely was satisfied with the events of the night. Lucius allowed himself the illusion that it was the latter. She looked divine, lying in bed with her hair tussled and her skin glowing in the early morning light. "How am I feeling? Quite content, thank you very much. You?" "Like I could sleep for a few more hours" he admitted with a chuckle. He reached out to her, running a hand along her shoulder. Under different circumstances, he would have snuggled her close, but that might have been pushing it, given that she was working. "Still think I'd make a good client?" @Sara
  25. Lexus looked equally shocked, which meant he had not known ahead of time that he was going to work in her garden. The gods had mysterious ways sometimes. He seemed a little flustered by the revelation. But if Grandfather had hired him, it was a done deal. And probably better if he didn't know about it. "I am, unless he hired more than one. I know I'm not so experienced yet, but I will be. I already have a few ideas for this garden. Not that it isn't nicely kept already, but... I think it could be even better." "I am sure you will do great" Septima smiled at him, walking a little closer. He was bright and eager to learn. And they had already talked about gardening before. "Do you ever help keeping it? I don't think I'd mind if you did. I don't know if women... do that?" "No, I..." Septima giggled, blushing a little "I don't... work in the gardens. But I spend a lot of time out here. Studying plants, and animals, and... Well. Today, I need to pick some flowers for the festival." There was a rustling of leaves in one of the flowerbeds. One of Septima's many cats prowled the gardens for prey, or maybe just a sunny spot. It was a sleek, grey cat, with green eyes giving the humans an inquisitive look. @Atrice
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