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Established, senatorial family needed!


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The Horatii-Justini
The Horatii-Justini family are a Patrician family, with a long lineage of Consuls and important Senatorial links. They were first brought onto the game from a want ad for the wife of another character (thank you Sharpie!) but we decided to flesh them out a little. The immediate family comprises the below, with some extended family members (cousins and such) thrown in for good measure.

If you have any questions on the family or want to know more about their histories, just message Liv (Liv#5452) or Sara (Sara#2296) on Discord, or drop us a PM!

Most of the wanteds have very open personalities, histories, ambitions and relationships and all PBs are just suggestions - not mandated!

Marcus Horatius Justinus
Taken by locutus-sum
Marcus is a traditionalist in every sense. He likes to keep his family and affairs in order. A widower since 61AD, he hasn’t remarried and has no plans to. He can be strict and stern with his children, but does love them dearly. In his grief since the loss of his wife and his advancing age, he’s taken to drinking more than usual. He favours his oldest son Publius and youngest daughter Livia the most. 

Publius Horatius Justinus

Senator – 40  – Daniel Craig (suggested)
Publius has previously been played by the lovely Echo, and his app can be found here. Publius is the eldest child, and acts like it. He is intelligent and an excellent strategist. He wants what’s best for his family, and has a tendency sometimes to be a little serious. He gets on best with his sister Horatia. His family life (including spouses and children) is open.


Horatia Justina
Taken by Sara
Horatia is a perfectionist. She likes order and rules. She’s married to Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus, a soon-to-be Consul and has two teenage children. She is reserved in private and doesn’t enjoy the limelight.

Livia Justina 
Taken by Liv
Very unhappily married to Secundus Quinctilius Varus, Livia is at a bit of a crossroads. She’s deeply unhappy, and her once-vibrant personality has turned morose and sad as the years wear on. She’s secretly conducting an affair with her nephew-in-law. She is closest to her twin, Lucius.

Lucius Horatius Justinus 


Current Tribune in Germania – 27 – Twin of Livia – Freddie Stroma (suggested)
The easy-going one of the family, Lucius has largely been shielded from the turmoil that Livia, Publius, Marcus and Horatia have experienced in turn. He’s always up for a laugh and a joke, and is thoroughly enjoying his posting in Germania – although when it comes to an end (soon - so you won’t be confined to plots abroad, you can have him be back in Rome immediately!), he’s not quite sure what he’ll do. His family life (including spouses and children) is open.
Extended Family

Gaius Horatius Justinus 


Sitting Senator – 35 – John Krasinski (suggested)
A first cousin of the Horatii-Justini children, and nephew of Marcus Horatius Justinus by his brother. His personality, sexuality, ambitions, history and family life (including spouses and children) are completely open.


Horatia Sosia 
Taken by Atrice
Sister of Gaius, first cousin of the Horatii-Justini children and niece of Marcus via his brother, Sosia is a young woman on the cusp of greatness. Her personality, sexuality,  ambitions, history and family life (including spouses and children) are completely open.

Gaius Livius Calavius 


Sitting senator – 43 – Damian Lewis (suggested)
 The half-brother of Publius, Horatia, Livia and Lucius’ mother - he is their maternal Uncle. Born from a second marriage, and therefore much younger than his siblings, Gaius is more like a cousin to the Horatii-Justini siblings than an Uncle. His personality, sexuality, ambitions, history and family life (including spouses and children) are completely open.

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