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Aeterna Roma RPG

Of dogs, slaves and Senators' brothers

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The gardens of private houses being relatively common areas for householders' friends to wander around in, somehow Attis was not surprised when his master's friend's brother came out into the sunshine after his conversation with Attis' master. He had enough warning to be able to take a firm grip on Rugam's collar and plant his feet; the dog was friendly and enthusiastic, and probably going to be the size of a horse when it stopped growing, juding by the size of its paws. He wondered if it would fill its skin out as it grew, or if the skin grew with it so it would end up just as wrinkly as ever. Like someone wearing a badly-arranged toga.

"I hope you don't mind dogs, sir," he called, trying to give fair warning (as if Rugam's barking hadn't been enough warning). "He's friendly."

He'd shut him away if he needed to, he didn't really know the man to know whether he ought to allow the dog to say hello, or not. (He tended to reserve the dog's most enthusiastic greetings for people he wasn't overly fond of, if he had some warning - the other day with Tranquillus had been more or less a fluke.)



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Against his better judgment, Lucius actually liked Longinus. Sure, he was a senator like his brother, but he was a lot less focused on a political career at all costs. They have had some pleasant conversations, even though he could not quite convince Lucius to change his mind about being a military tribune. Right now some urgent matter required Longinus' attention, and not wanting to be rude to his guest, he suggested Lucius could take some wine in the gardens. He headed out that way, only stopping once he noticed Longinus' body slave holding a very large, very wrinkly dog.

"I don't mind dogs, but gods, is that even a dog, or a small bear?" Lucius jumped, keeping his eyes on the creature.


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Bear. Yes, a bear was a good approximation for tha animal, though Attis didn't think bears liked meeting new people and slobbering all over them by way of saying salve. He wondered if Sulpicius Rufus had had any idea how much of a ridiculous thing it was - no, of course he knew. He'd done it on purpose. Roma Dea, he'd probably been the one to suggest Attis should be the one to look after him.


"It's a dog. He just wants to say hello, he likes new people," Attis offered. "I'll put him away if he's going to be a nuisance. He won't bite or anything though, sir."

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