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Leontia Elianilla
wife to Lucius Armenius Valerius

Brothel Madam, 31 years old, b. April, 45 AD

Playby suggestions: Courtney Eaton or Maia Mitchell. Maia was the original Leontia Elianilla.
Feel free to choose someone else, as long as she somewhat matches the looks (dark hair and eyes, youthful face)

Courtney Eaton and Maia Mitchell
jG0Wib.png    jG0d9F.png 

History: Original application from years ago to inspire you...

Background/Personality with Lucius:
Leontia was only 16 years old when she was married to Lucius Armenius, as his second wife. The first wife failed to become pregnant fast enough, luckily, it wasn't like that for Leontia. When she married him, she was a loving and gentle young woman, but with a certain amount of confidence. She soon got used to the life he lived and after he and she were elevated to Equestrian ranks and moved to the Caelian Hill, her husband had more than proved himself to her, despite of the job he kept. Although it is not always she agrees with his way of doing things, she still has his back and he has her support. If she disagrees with him, she has long since learned to let him know in private and not in front of other people. There is not a lot of love in the marriage, but they get along just fine and Lucius treats her very well and likes to spoil her, along with their children.

She was pregnant when they left Rome and had their first child as they arrived to Hispania. Here her husband didn’t sit on his hands, instead he soon did what he did best… opened a brothel and made connections. The business grew and Leontia still supported her husband. Eventually he would also train her to helping him with the brothels, turning her into a brothel madam of sorts too. The prostitutes and slaves thrive from this, because she is softer with them than Lucius is - but not too much, else nothing will ever get done. Long story short, all of the events turned the gentle and loving soul that married Lucius into a more certain business-woman and mother on top of that. There is still a bit of the old Leontia in her. But mostly these days, she is often as merciful or rather, merciless, like her husband. She is well aware that her husband is far from faithful to her, but she's learned to live with it. And maybe she isn't always so innocent either anymore. She may look sweet and gentle - but Lucius has trained her well. And she is very much aware that her appearance can be used to fool other people (that are not her husband), so she'll get things her way. 

She has three children with Lucius: 
Armenia Valeria (born in the winter, 63 AD in Hispania, 13 years old)
Lucius Armenius Valerius Minor (born 66 AD in Hispania, 10 years old)
Lucia Valeria (born 68 AD in Hispania, 8 years old)
Add to that, that she more or less also raised the son Lucius had with a prostitute in 62AD, the now 14 year old slave Aeneas.

Besides Leontia, Lucius is in need of a lot of people. Slaves to work in his household and whores to work in the upcoming brothel - both newcomers and maybe some he brought with him from Hispania? The same goes for guards/bouncers, who will help him protect the brothel and the girls. And henchmen to follow him around whenever he is out and about – and to do the dirty work for him.

He will also need allies and associates in Rome. Lucius is an Equite and already wealthy, and he will use that to gain influence with other wealthy and noble families.

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