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  1. Florus pursed his lips and nodded. It was high time for him to stop asking impertinent questions. That was how he would get in trouble, he was sure of it. He always acted irreproachably, and he was gradually learning to hide the expressions of defiance in his eyes, but he really needed to learn to keep his tongue in check. He had heard of people who'd had their tongues ripped out because they'd said things that weren't to the Romans' liking. If he wasn't more careful... Well, suffice it to say, he had no plans on having it be his fate. Nope. He wanted his fate to be something good, with Tranqu
  2. Florus nodded. Greece. Yes, he thought he'd heard that word before. Where it was, though, that was entirely beyond him, and he didn't care enough to extend his knowledge of the topic. What good would it do him? He had an interest in plants and in Tranquillus, and, slavery aside, things were fine just the way they were, thank you very much. 'Ah, yes, I see,' he said. He did not see. What he did see, though, was that she had been on the wrong side of the war. She had been with the bad people. 'Why did you fight on their side?' She wasn't a Roman; he couldn't imagine a world where there'd be
  3. This was embarrassing, this was. Alexius was kind, to pay him any attention whatsoever, but he was wrong if he believed that he would get anywhere with Florus. It was stupid, really, and maybe he ought to just go with it, and take part in the pleasurable things Alexius was promising, but somehow it felt wrong. He was never going to have Tranquillus for himself, so wanting him to be the first was ridiculous. Was he going to spend all his life refusing other men, on the off chance the body slave would suddenly see him? Still, try as he might to convince himself otherwise, he still didn't want it
  4. His words only made Aia laugh, and he was relieved. He didn't know to what extent he ought to trust her, but he was fairly certain that, even if she was a traitor -though was she really a traitor to the Britons if she wasn't a Briton to begin with? That raised complicated issues- she wouldn't turn him in just for speaking out of turn. She seemed a bit more free than he was. Probably literally, too. As much as he liked to think he had free run of his gardens, at the end of the day, they were not his, and he didn't have any freedom whatsoever. The only liberty he had was one he'd reached out for
  5. Florus nodded, ready. He was bracing himself. He knew what was coming, this time, and he knew she wouldn't make him feel uncomfortable like before. He was learning to make sure he would never be uncomfortable again. Of course the important thing was not to have his purse stolen, since that was clearly what the other man had been after, but there was also the part about never wanting to feel uncomfortable in his body again. It was a novel feeling, and he didn't care to keep it lingering around in his mind. 'Alright,' he said brightly. He was strong, he could do this. 'So, I have to bend ov
  6. Florus stared at Alexius, stopping dead in his tracks. 'I, erm, gratitude?' He didn't know how to respond to the other man's compliments. Not when it was possible they were an overture and meant Alexius wanted to do more than just discuss pleasure. That... that hadn't been what the gardener had had in mind! He'd just wanted to be more educated, in case anything ever happened. Of course, the anything in question could very well be today, with Alexius, but he knew he was foolish, and he knew what he was holding out for. Very foolish. Especially when the man in question would never want
  7. Florus peered at Aia, still curious, but still fighting to keep his questions in a box inside his mind. Most things weren't any of his business. And most business he didn't want anything to do with. He knew what he cared about, and generally it was not about other people's matters. He analysed her words, pensive. So it meant the Britons were the enemy, then. That wasn't a thought he enjoyed. But then again, if she was teaching Roman children, of course they would see his people as the enemy. Romans saw everyone else as the enemy. Maybe because they turned everyone into their enemy. '
  8. Ejder


    Florus nodded once, keen to get out of the Roman's presence. 'Dominus,' he said, staying still one further second before he decided Rufus had indeed dismissed him. And then, of course, the Roman decided it was he who was taking his leave. Well, fine. He stayed put. 'I can take all the tile and stone you need disposed of, dominus,' the gardener said. He waited for the Roman to leave, eager to be alone, and also eager to see how his idea would work. But of course the Roman still wasn't leaving. Florus was beginning to grow restless. Why did Rufus bring out so much tension in him? Oh, right,
  9. Florus' eyes widened as the former gladiator almost casually revealed his body had been used by the Romans. He knew it happened to the whore slaves, because that was their chore, and he knew some body slaves were used that way too, but gladiators? Surely not any and all slaves could be taken against their will? It was shocking to hear, and even more shocking that Alexius didn't seem as fazed by it as the young gardener was. Maybe that was because he was much older now, and enough time had passed that he wasn't enraged or traumatized or sadened by it anymore. Or maybe it hadn't been such a trau
  10. Florus pursed his lips as he considered her request. He didn't especially want to grab her. He didn't really want to attack anyone, even if they were just pretending. But it was a learning exercise, and he understood that. Besides, she was giving him permission. What if it ended up being like the first time, and he punched her, though? No, that had been in self defense. He should be just fine. 'Alright,' he said, then did the motions. The elbow to his stomach and his jaw still came as a surprise, despite his best preparations. After all was said and done, he looked at her with wide eyes.
  11. Aia's reassurance brought the twitching inkling of a smile to Florus' mouth. Hopefully Tranquillus would indeed. There was not much he knew about the other man, come to think about it. He knew his eyes, his smell, his lips... He knew the body slave was a great kisser, he was patient, kind, steadfast and attractive... But he didn't know what his favourite flower was. Or if Tranquillus cared enough about flowers to actually have a favourite. There was so much they had to learn about one another. 'I am a gardener,' he confirmed. 'That's why I was named thus.' He resisted the urge to tell her
  12. Florus nodded seriously. 'Gratitude.' It was a weird thing, that someone grabbing at him like that stressed him this much. It wasn't as though it had been anything other than an attempted robbery, right? Couldn't very well be anything else. Still, it had set him on edge, and even recreating the event to teach him about self defense brought him anxiety. She explained to him the next move, and he nodded, serious as always. 'That makes sense. I'm ready.' He didn't know whether he'd be any good at that, but they'd just have to see. Florus assumed his combat-ready position, and looked at Cinni
  13. 'No,' Florus replied pensievely. 'I shouldn't like to get into something with someone and not know what I'm doing.' Of course, Attis had explained the bare bones of it all, but there was bound to be more. Presumably one didn't just jump on the object of their affection and do the deed. Presumably there was a lead up to it. At least he hoped. And with any luck, Alexius would explain it to him. His cheeks had been doing a fine number today, with all the blood flowing through them, but they seemed to be returning to normal, at least until Alexius asked him how he had stumbled upon his knowle
  14. Alexius let go of his hand, and Florus felt something grumble inside him. Was it disappointment? That was silly. Alexius was just trying to show him something; the gardener had no business getting overly excited. He stood up at the same time as the former gladiator did, very much as eager as the other man was. Just imagine, if Tranquillus could feel the way he felt, with just a slight pressure on his hand... He was going to get carried away now, and he knew he ought not to. He wasn't going to get Tranquillus, after all. For so many reasons. 'Alright, let's go,' Florus urged the other man.
  15. Cinnia's words and kind smile seemed to rouse something inside of Florus, and he found enough energy to brace himself, and enough enthusiasm to want to go on with the lesson. A shy, small smile appeared on his face, proof of his good faith. He was ready to do this, and yes, he was willing. He needed to learn so that no one would ever try to steal from him again. Or, if they tried, he'd ensure they knew he could give them what was coming to them, swiftly and without so much as breaking a sweat. Alright, that last part might be wishful thinking, but being prepared was always a good thing. '
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