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  1. Though Florus had been a slave for some years now, he had never partaken in the celebration of Saturnalia. These were not his gods, on one hand, but on the other hand, he'd always just been the gardener, and had never really mixed with anyone. No one bothered with the gardener, no one bothered to tell him that there were things going on. And, quite frankly, for all the other years of his servitude, it had suited him just fine. This year, however... When he'd learned there existed a day where he could just relax right beside Tranquillus without having to worry that either of them had completed their tasks, it had seemed too good to be true. And yet, it didn't seem like a prank. It was too elaborate for the whole house to be in on it, and Tranquillus wouldn't lie to him. He'd accepted the bowl of whatever that was, expression neutral as always as he sniffed. It didn't remind him of anything, but he didn't really believe someone who was waited on hand and foot all other days of the year could wind up being a perfect cook during that one day. Still, though, it was food, and it was warm, and he was not in the habit of complaining. 'Gratitude,' he told the Roman, too distracted by Tranquillus' mere presence beside him on the couch to pay all that much more attention to the man who'd handed him the food. He traced patterns on the body slave's back, very content with his day so far. The Roman wouldn't hold that against him, surely. He wasn't the one who was complaining about everything, after all. Surely that drew more attention than his affection for the older man. Surely everyone heard the surly woman's remarks. She always seemed to have something nasty to say. Although he wasn't afraid of her, he preferred to stay well out of her way. No reason to interact with her, really, was there? @Chevi@Liv@Sara@Sharpie
  2. Florus' tongue tickled the strawberry as he stared insolently at Tranquillus, eyes twinkling. There really was nothing quite like being here, with the older man, his heart feeling so full. He never, ever would have suspected it was possible to feel this good. But here he was. 'Poetry, yes,' he said. 'He said something about you teaching me about Landicus?' The gardener looked at the body slave with some confusion. There was no reason why the Roman would be suggesting poetry to him, and it had seemed weird to him at the time, too, but then again, it was about fruit, so why not? 'He said his poems about, erm, peaches and cherries would be of particular interest?' @Chevi
  3. It was a lazy day, and Florus was exactly where he seemed to be spending most of his time nowadays, which was sprawled on Tranquillus' bed, still dressed, but eating a strawberry in a manner that suggested he might not be so for very long. 'I don't need to be educated,' the gardener replied, frowning. He was educated enough about plants, what more did he really need? Anything he lacked, Tranquillus could help him with. Romans were ridiculous. As if he would ever aspire to get closer to the man who kept him enslaved. How self-centered and oblivious. 'You're a great teacher, Tranquillus. Always teaching me something, even when it's not letters,' he teased.
  4. As you guys will have noticed, I'm a bit all over the place. This was not planned, and I don't intend it to be that way, I promise, and I will be back, but since I don't have a definite date, this is the heads up.
  5. Florus pursed his lips and nodded. It was high time for him to stop asking impertinent questions. That was how he would get in trouble, he was sure of it. He always acted irreproachably, and he was gradually learning to hide the expressions of defiance in his eyes, but he really needed to learn to keep his tongue in check. He had heard of people who'd had their tongues ripped out because they'd said things that weren't to the Romans' liking. If he wasn't more careful... Well, suffice it to say, he had no plans on having it be his fate. Nope. He wanted his fate to be something good, with Tranquillus. He nodded to concede her point. Part of the empire, sure. Did it mean she had to act like the Romans and side with them? He needed to agree to disagree. It was the wisest path here. 'Of course we do,' he said, a glint of defiance in his eyes. 'We're Britons.' Florus cleared his throat. He desperately needed to stop while he was ahead. Somewhat confusedly, he grasped at the first topic that entered his mind. 'Do you live in a palace?' @Chevi
  6. Florus nodded. Greece. Yes, he thought he'd heard that word before. Where it was, though, that was entirely beyond him, and he didn't care enough to extend his knowledge of the topic. What good would it do him? He had an interest in plants and in Tranquillus, and, slavery aside, things were fine just the way they were, thank you very much. 'Ah, yes, I see,' he said. He did not see. What he did see, though, was that she had been on the wrong side of the war. She had been with the bad people. 'Why did you fight on their side?' She wasn't a Roman; he couldn't imagine a world where there'd be any reason to be loyal to the Romans. @Chevi
  7. This was embarrassing, this was. Alexius was kind, to pay him any attention whatsoever, but he was wrong if he believed that he would get anywhere with Florus. It was stupid, really, and maybe he ought to just go with it, and take part in the pleasurable things Alexius was promising, but somehow it felt wrong. He was never going to have Tranquillus for himself, so wanting him to be the first was ridiculous. Was he going to spend all his life refusing other men, on the off chance the body slave would suddenly see him? Still, try as he might to convince himself otherwise, he still didn't want it to be someone else. 'I don't... I don't want to... I mean, I do want to do these things with you, Alexius, but I won't.' He looked at the other man, gauging whether his refusal was going to be an issue. 'He hasn't kissed me because he won't ever do it,' he said. 'I know it's stupid, I... Apologies.' @Atrice
  8. His words only made Aia laugh, and he was relieved. He didn't know to what extent he ought to trust her, but he was fairly certain that, even if she was a traitor -though was she really a traitor to the Britons if she wasn't a Briton to begin with? That raised complicated issues- she wouldn't turn him in just for speaking out of turn. She seemed a bit more free than he was. Probably literally, too. As much as he liked to think he had free run of his gardens, at the end of the day, they were not his, and he didn't have any freedom whatsoever. The only liberty he had was one he'd reached out for himself, almost accidentally. Tranquillus. The Roman could never know. 'Achaea? I don't know what that is,' he said. He didn't know a lot of things, he'd come to realize the second he left his village. Back there, he knew all he needed to know about nature and crops, and everything. Out here, everything was new and everything was a distraction he had to ignore to better focus his energies on his plants. 'Did the Romans kick your ass, then?' He thought his question might be too bold, but judging by her use of language, he thought he might still have a bit of leeway. @Chevi
  9. Florus nodded, ready. He was bracing himself. He knew what was coming, this time, and he knew she wouldn't make him feel uncomfortable like before. He was learning to make sure he would never be uncomfortable again. Of course the important thing was not to have his purse stolen, since that was clearly what the other man had been after, but there was also the part about never wanting to feel uncomfortable in his body again. It was a novel feeling, and he didn't care to keep it lingering around in his mind. 'Alright,' he said brightly. He was strong, he could do this. 'So, I have to bend over and elbow you in the stomach, and then in the jaw?' He just needed to make sure he had everything down correctly. @Atrice
  10. Florus stared at Alexius, stopping dead in his tracks. 'I, erm, gratitude?' He didn't know how to respond to the other man's compliments. Not when it was possible they were an overture and meant Alexius wanted to do more than just discuss pleasure. That... that hadn't been what the gardener had had in mind! He'd just wanted to be more educated, in case anything ever happened. Of course, the anything in question could very well be today, with Alexius, but he knew he was foolish, and he knew what he was holding out for. Very foolish. Especially when the man in question would never want him to begin with, and there was a perfectly acceptable replacement right in front of him. 'No, no one has.' People tended to not talk to him when he avoided them. And as for other people who might want to interact, his cold demeanour was generally offputting enough that he was left well enough alone in most cases. 'I am... flattered, Alexius.' Florus looked at his feet, expecting them to come up with words as he himself failed to. Face no longer flushed, he looked up at the older man. 'My heart belongs to another.' @Atrice
  11. Florus peered at Aia, still curious, but still fighting to keep his questions in a box inside his mind. Most things weren't any of his business. And most business he didn't want anything to do with. He knew what he cared about, and generally it was not about other people's matters. He analysed her words, pensive. So it meant the Britons were the enemy, then. That wasn't a thought he enjoyed. But then again, if she was teaching Roman children, of course they would see his people as the enemy. Romans saw everyone else as the enemy. Maybe because they turned everyone into their enemy. 'Wouldn't it be better to teach them languages to make them diplomats, instead of warriors?' Quickly he erased his defiant expression from his face. His words, though, were impossible to take back. Sure, count on him to speak too much. @Chevi
  12. Florus' eyes widened as the former gladiator almost casually revealed his body had been used by the Romans. He knew it happened to the whore slaves, because that was their chore, and he knew some body slaves were used that way too, but gladiators? Surely not any and all slaves could be taken against their will? It was shocking to hear, and even more shocking that Alexius didn't seem as fazed by it as the young gardener was. Maybe that was because he was much older now, and enough time had passed that he wasn't enraged or traumatized or sadened by it anymore. Or maybe it hadn't been such a traumatic experience. Or maybe Alexius kept his feelings to himself. Whatever the reason, Florus didn't know, and he didn't know if he could understand, either. He had enough outrage for the both of them, at the very least. Something dark passed in his eyes, briefly. Bloody Romans. 'I'm sorry it happened to you,' he said. 'And now you know about pleasure.' His expression was neutral, and he scrutinized Alexius' face and eyes as he spoke. It wasn't his place to try to divine what was going on in the other man's head. And then he said something genuinely puzzling. 'What do you mean, sharing pleasure?' Florus wanted to discuss pleasure, the giving and taking of it with this man, but nothing else. 'I, erm... Are you flirting with me, Alexius?'
  13. Florus pursed his lips as he considered her request. He didn't especially want to grab her. He didn't really want to attack anyone, even if they were just pretending. But it was a learning exercise, and he understood that. Besides, she was giving him permission. What if it ended up being like the first time, and he punched her, though? No, that had been in self defense. He should be just fine. 'Alright,' he said, then did the motions. The elbow to his stomach and his jaw still came as a surprise, despite his best preparations. After all was said and done, he looked at her with wide eyes. It took a moment for him to process all of what had happened, but after a few times of running the scene through his head, he thought he had it down. 'Do I get to try, now?' @Atrice
  14. Aia's reassurance brought the twitching inkling of a smile to Florus' mouth. Hopefully Tranquillus would indeed. There was not much he knew about the other man, come to think about it. He knew his eyes, his smell, his lips... He knew the body slave was a great kisser, he was patient, kind, steadfast and attractive... But he didn't know what his favourite flower was. Or if Tranquillus cared enough about flowers to actually have a favourite. There was so much they had to learn about one another. 'I am a gardener,' he confirmed. 'That's why I was named thus.' He resisted the urge to tell her Florus wasn't his name. It was someone else's, that had been bestowed upon him because the Romans didn't even care enough to learn his actual name. He was more guarded than when he had met Cinnia, though, and wasn't about to share information that could potentially get him in trouble. 'And what is it that you do?' @Chevi
  15. Florus nodded seriously. 'Gratitude.' It was a weird thing, that someone grabbing at him like that stressed him this much. It wasn't as though it had been anything other than an attempted robbery, right? Couldn't very well be anything else. Still, it had set him on edge, and even recreating the event to teach him about self defense brought him anxiety. She explained to him the next move, and he nodded, serious as always. 'That makes sense. I'm ready.' He didn't know whether he'd be any good at that, but they'd just have to see. Florus assumed his combat-ready position, and looked at Cinnia, chin held high, somewhat defiantly. It gave him a measure of confidence. @Atrice
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