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Regio II - Caelemontium

The area of Rome that encompasses the Caelian Hill and surrounding lands.


Baths of Mercury: A famous locale for travelers just arriving to Rome from the south of Italy, other locations across the southern portion of the empire. It is a popular meeting spot for citizens of Equite status.

Domi Caeli

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The homes of the very wealthy on the Caelian Hill. As the result of a fire in 25 AD, during Tiberius' reign, a lot of land became freed up, leaving room for very spacious homes for the wealthy.

Ludi Gladiatorium

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Gladiatorial Schools: Recently-built schools where gladiators are taken to be trained into fighting machines. There are currently four Ludii in Rome vying for contracts. Please see them here.

 ^ Ludi Dacicus


^ Ludi Gallicus


^ Ludi Magnus

^ Ludi Matutinus 


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