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18 | 15th May 56CE | Slave| Body-slave | Straight | Wanted | Chiara Mastalli





Volusa is perhaps a little shy until you get to know her, but once you do, if you have proved she can trust you, she will be as friendly and loyal as anyone. She is a keen observer of people around her and a good judge of character. She is loyal, which is perhaps a little strange in a slave, at least for some people. If one of her friends is attacked, whether in person or in fact, she will leap to their defence almost before thinking the consequences through, which has got her in trouble before now when she has sought to defend a fellow slave against a perceived injustice meted out by a free person.

She is generous with the little she has, and doesn't mind helping someone, if she has the time, or lending them some small possession, such as a pretty piece of fabric to add interest to a friend's outfit, or suggesting something another friend could do with her hair. She does save the little peculium (pocket money, slave savings) she gets, though, with a vague idea of maybe one day buying her freedom and running some sort of business of her own.

She is optimistic generally, trying to find the good in people (especially people she likes, or who her friends like, or who like her friends) but if betrayed, that runs deep and she will be unlikely to forget it and to forgive the hurt caused - she is more likely to forgive those who hurt her than those who hurt her friends, and she counts her mistress as a friend although she cannot forget the gulf between them as slave and free.



She stands at 5'2" and is naturally slender, with fair skin that tends to burn, peel and then tan in the sun. She has brown eyes and long thick brown hair that she tends to wear in a variety of styles, usually plaited or in a bun, and generally with a scarf or strip of cloth wound around. It is not unknown for her to be borrowed so that the hairdressers can try out new styles, or parts of new styles, before trying them on their mistresses.

She naturally has a serious look unless she is actively laughing or smiling or otherwise engaged with people.

She wears the clothing her mistress allows, but is partial to bright pretty colours (or as bright and pretty as she is permitted), liking to combine fabrics and patterns to produce something interesting. She remains fascinated by the rich smooth cottons and expensive silks that her mistress wears, and the effects they produce, although her own clothing is limited to linen, wool and occasionally cotton and she does what she can with them.

She has a long thin scar on her right arm from getting physically between a friend and a suprior's temper.


Father: Hermes (slave) (age 40)

Mother: Mira (slave) (age 38)

Siblings: Helenus (slave) (age 16)

Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family: She is part of the Imperial familia, the Imperial household, and counts her fellow slaves as being her family




Volusa is verna, a house-born slave, born into the Imperial household in May 56CE. She had a fairly uneventful childhood, despite the turmoil of who would be the next Emperor - whoever ended up running the Empire, the household must be kept running, with the housework done and meals provided. There was gossip and rumours, of course, what house's slaves don't gossip about things, but Volusa was not really interested in the wider world except as it affected her and her immediate circle. After all, no child really finds politics an interesting topic when there are more important things to discover, such as if there will be honey-cakes after dinner tonight.

Being a slave all her life, Volusa has experience of several aspects of the work required to keep a house running smoothly, from fetching water to chopping vegetables in the kitchen, and dealing with all the fiddly things a proper Roman banquet requires, to dusting, sweeping and scrubbing the floors. She has not had the same experience of being kept more for show, as her father was - expected to stand around just in case a family member required something to be fetched or a message to be taken, as female slaves (especially children) are not such an impressive display of wealth as a young male slave - or several of them.

Being taught from a young age to be discreet, not to be seen if possible and to definitely keep out of trouble, it was a great surprise to Volusa to be told in 71CE that she would no longer be required as a general household skivvy, but had been selected to be the body slave of Claudia Caesaris, the Emperor's own niece. (Well, the Emperor is her new mistress' uncle, or cousin, or something along those lines, anyway!)

This represented a huge promotion; she would no longer be directly responsible to the house steward (although he would still be responsible for meting out any required disciplinary action if Volusa somehow displeases her mistress) and might even be given her freedom rather than having to buy it.

She has been her mistress' body slave for about two and a half years or so by this point, and really has very little complaint to make about her life; her mistress is as fair as any other free person can be expected to be and has high standards that Volusa cannot always quite match, although she does her very best. What the future holds is uncertain, but Volusa is in the best position to meet it that she has ever been.



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