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20 | January 1st, 54CE | Slave | Gladiator - Retiarius | Bisexual | Original | Robert Sheehan

Personality & History

Momus was born as verna in the household of a wealthy Greek merchant named Iobates, in Rome. His original name was Euanthes. While both his parents were body slaves, the boy proved to be very bright at an early age, so his master allowed him to learn to read and write from the slaves tutoring his children, hoping the boy would eventually become a scribe to serve his son. Euanthes had a knack for memorizing things and learning languages; by the time he was ten he'd learned Greek and Latin and he was getting started on the other tongues the household slaves spoke. He also exhibited a less than favorable trait: For lack of a better term, he was a smartass. He talked well, talked a lot, and soon became famous for his silver tongue and sharp with in the household. The old master had a soft spot for the boy, but his son, the young master a few years older than Euanthes, was more than annoyed with his quick-witted and sarcastic scribe-to-be. Euanthes was 16 years old when his master passed, and as soon as the funeral was done, he knew his days in the household were numbered. This knowledge made him even more sharp-tongued and rebellious, until one day he managed to make the wrong joke at the wrong time - and invoked such fury from his young master, Meidias, that the man decided to take revenge. On that same day Euanthes was sold to the Ludus Magnus to be a gladiator. Since ha had a slight build and a scholarly talent, his master hoped that'd he'd suffer and then die a humiliating death in the arena.

Euanthes, however, adapted surprisingly well to his new environment. He was trained as a retiarius, and proved to be as quick with net and trident as he was with his tongue. In fact, the latter became his staple: He became known in the arena as someone who would make fun of his opponents, shout out clever comments, and turn any fight into a battle of insults and comedy. He soon earned a new name for the games, and by now, everyone knows him only by that name: Momus, Greek god of wit and sarcasm.

Momus is a fun-loving, daredevil kind of person. He was not expected to last long in the arena, and he is determined to make the most of his time. He is outspoken, sharp, cynical, and all-around charming (as long as you are not on the receiving end of his jokes). He likes to show off that he had better education than most gladiators, but he is generally a friendly person, even if he talks way, way too much. He enjoys attention and laughter, and the finer things in life, whenever he can get them. The rest is up to the gods.


Father: Menares (alive)

Mother: Aerope (alive)

Siblings: none

Spouse: none

Children: none

Other: Meidias, son of Iobates (former master)


Gladiator Games, 74CE

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