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Septima Major


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Septima Major

15 | 21 May 59CE | Equite | None | Openminded | Wanted | Vanessa Morgan





Septima Major has a bright outlook on life and truly believes the best about everyone, unless someone really goes out of their way to prove they are the opposite. This can make her seem very naïve, which she probably also is. It would be easy to take advantage of Septima Major, because she really just is a friendly and caring person, who would take in every stray dog or child she'd find on the streets... if she was allowed to. Sometimes she's perhaps too friendly? She likes other people and she wants them to like her. While she tries hard to study like her sister, she's not quite like that and often daydreams and she gets easily distracted. But she just likes to have fun and likes to make people smile. She's also very curious about boys and probably a lot more so than her sister - and she likes to talk to them.


Septima Major stands just about 5'3" tall, just like her sister. The set of twins are very much alike in almost every way - they have the same, slender build and the same light brown and sometimes almost golden skin. Major however has blue eyes while her sister Septima Minor has green eyes. Her hair is usually dark brown, although it takes a lighter tone in the summer. She likes her beautiful long hair and will often try and have it hang loose or just have a few braids or twirls in it. If she has a hairstyle up on her head, she usually lets a few strands of hair fall down as her bangs. While her sister is more down to Earth in her style, Septima Major enjoys beautiful dresses made out of luxurious fabrics and with bright colors. She also enjoys clothes that she believes makes her appear more mature and shows off her hips and bosom. Septima Major is also a fan of jewelry and shiny things and will wear bracelets, large necklaces and pretty hair pieces. She doesn't paint her face much, as she doesn't want to look like some cheap whore, but a dark line around her eyes and a little extra red on her lips isn't too much, she thinks. 


Father: Gaius Septimus Tunisius (deceased 61 AD)

Mother: Petronia Aquililla (deceased 61 AD)

Siblings: Septima Minor (twin)

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family:

Grandfather: Gaius Petronius Aquilius, 70 (he’s like a father to her)
Grandmother: Aurelia Paulina (deceased 72 AD)

Aunts and other extended family:

Petronia Aquila, 36 and her children:
Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus, 15 years old, cousin but more like a brother
Uriana Petronia, 10, like a sister, cousin but more like a sister

Petronia Aquila Minor, 34
Petronia Scribonilla, 33
Petronia  Aquiliana, 27




Septima does not really remember her parents - she was only two years old, when they were killed during the civil war in 61 AD. Septima Major along with her twin sister, Septima Minor, came to live with her grandfather, grandmother and all of her aunts and cousins that still resided in the same home. In 63 AD, when the twins were 4, the entire family moved to Rome. She does not remember much of her early childhood. Most of what she remembers are happy memories together with her sister and her cousin, Gaius, who is almost like a brother to her and she sometimes calls him the third twin, because he’s the same age as Septima and her sister. They were close as children, but now they are growing up, it's not quite the same anymore.

Her grandparents became more or less like a new set of parents to Septima and her sister. She especially grew close with her grandmother, who liked to spend time with the young twins, now that all of her own children were more or less grown up. Septima loved watching Petronia get ready for a party, even though she couldn’t go. But she wanted to see how Septima got dressed and put on her jewels and made her hair look fine. To Septima Major, there was nothing more beautiful than Petronia ready to take on the world – despite her age, but to Septima, that didn’t matter.

Sadly, in 72 AD, Petronia’s life was over and during a quiet night she passed away, surrounded by her family – including Septima, of course, who was embraced by her sister that night. Together with the rest of the family they mourned the passing of a great and caring woman. Septima was very sad and it took several weeks before she felt ready to face the world outside the domus again. But she watched her grandfather move on and understood that although he missed her too, you couldn’t keep on mourning forever. Septima made a vow to herself to make her grandmother proud of her as she grew up. Now it has been a few years and Septima is growing into a beautiful and friendly young woman. While she isn't really interested in history or philosophy or even religion, she's a quite feminine young woman. She feels more than ready to go to parties, ready to dress up and ready to meet someone. She’s naturally a kind and outgoing person, who likes to chat and loves gossip – but she’s been brought up well and believes the best about everyone. Now she knows her grandfather will be looking for a husband for her, and Septima Major only hopes that it’ll be someone young, handsome and influential… and nice too, please.



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