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Pinaria Gaia


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28 | March 10th, 48 AD | Patrician | Noble lady | Bisexual | Canon | Rebecca Ferguson





As so many others, Pinaria Gaia is a woman with many virtues – and vices, of course. Before becoming a mother, she could be quite proud and she probably still is, to a point. But after becoming a mother, she has perhaps become even more of a motherly type, very caring and kind. Mostly to her son of course, for whom she would do anything it takes, as long as he is happy and safe. She wants him to have a proper father who can influence him in a good direction. She is very friendly and open-minded and always ready to make new and useful acquaintances, especially now that her husband died and her brother urges her to find another.

Pinaria Gaia is however also a bit of a jealous type and she can be annoyed, if she does not get what she wants fast enough. This whole thing began already when she was a young girl and had to flee Rome instead of entering social life as women had done before her. When she came back, she threw herself into it, only to have her younger sister land a very prominent husband before she was able to do the same. After that, Gaia was pressured even further to marry and that’s how she ended up with Gaius. He was a proper and respected man, but still not quite what she had imagined for a husband. She envies her sister her good marriage and her many children, even sons. Gaia has not been that fortunate.

On the other hand, she has learned the hard way that nothing lasts forever and this can be read as her being a bit pessimistic. She keeps these thoughts quiet however, but they are always there. The thoughts come from her childhood and youth; first her mother died before she barely knew her and her second mother didn’t last long with her father either. Her sister died in childbirth and she also lost her father. She knows everyone’s going to die and nothing lasts forever. Of course she was sad when her husband died, but she also wasn’t surprised and now she hopes to move on as long as possible and hopes that there will be no more losses in her near family for many years. She is religious and makes sure to make sacrifices to the gods, hoping they will grant her fortune so she can have what she wants in life.


Gaia is not among the most petite Roman women, nor is she among the tallest. Standing at 5’5” she is a striking figure, slender and with dark brown hair, curled or straight depending on the mood and the occasion. Her eyes are a light blue-grey color and her face and expression often soft and friendly. She likes to dress in very toned-down colors when she is at home, but when participating in any social event she likes to make an impression. At such occasions she will wear striking colors like crimson, blue and green, which goes well together with her dark hair.



FatherPublius Pinarius Natta (deceased)

MotherLartia Gaia (deceased)
Step-mother: Annthea Alexandra (deceased)


Pinaria Natta (deceased)
Publius Pinarius Natta [Minor], 40 years old
Pinaria Lucilla, 37 years old
Pinaria Livilla, 32 years old
Pinaria Lucretia, 25 years old (played by Anna)

SpouseGaius Gratius Varro (deceased 74 AD)

Children: Gaius Gratius Varro Minor (b. 71 AD)

Extended family:

-       Related to the Imperial family/Flavi Alexanderii  via her stepmother and her sister's husband

-       Children and spouses of her siblings

Other: Former body slave/freedwoman/lover: Gaia Lucia



48 AD – Pinaria Gaia is born as one of the last children to her parents.

50 AD – both Lartia Gaia, her mother and her grandmother dies. Gaia can’t understand why her mother is gone, but in the present, she barely remembers her.

58 AD – Gaia is now 10 years old and her father finally remarries a certain Annthea Alexandra. The marriage is however short and they soon divorce again. Her father does not remarry.

62 AD – During the civil war, Gaia is in her early teens and had hoped to soon enter the proper social life of women in Rome. The civil war broke out however and the family retreated from Rome. Her eldest sister died from childbirth the same year, leaving especially the sisters with a great loss.

63 AD – Alexander returned to Rome in triumph and soon Gaia’s family did the same. Nothing was the same again, after the escape and everything that happened, including the death of the eldest of the sisters. Gaia, now 15 years old, tries her best to procrastinate and distract herself.

65 AD – Publius Pinarius Natta dies of pneumonia during the winter. Her brother, Publius Pinarius Natta Minor, becomes the new Pater Familias at the age of 31. It feels a bit weird to now have her brother make all the decisions, but Gaia soon becomes used to it.

66 AD – Gaia finishes mourning her father and hopes to marry, as she is now 18 years old and eager to start her own family, with her own family more or less gone. Her brother Publius helps searching for a husband.

69 AD – Her sister, Pinaria Lucretia, marries Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander. It's a good match and Gaia feels a little jealous that her sister managed to land such a prominent husband. With her other sisters married and even the youngest, Gaia feels more pressure to marry. Later the same year, Gaia finally marries Gaius Gratius Varro, who is 15 years older than she, but kind and friendly. They don’t love each other, but there is respect. As a wedding gift, Gaia gets her body slave, Lucia, whom she soon develops a close friendship with. Lucia becomes her confidante. Gaia is however a good and kind wife to her husband and never cheats on him, although he probably does on her.

71 AD – Pinaria Gaia gives birth to her first and only child so far, a son named Gaius Gratius Varro

74 AD – Her husband dies in the early spring after a hunting accident and his slaves are freed upon his death. Gaia’s old body slave, now named Gaia Lucia, stays with her however and still serves as her body servant. After Gaius' death, they have become even closer than before and develop a relationship. After Gaius died, Pinaria Gaia has become more religious and has not participated in social events since. She and her son moved in with her brother, Publius Pinarius Natta, again.

75 AD – Gaia and her son still live with her brother, who urges her to start socializing again and make friends and find a new husband. And so Gaia finally decides to enter social life once more. The rest will be history.


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