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Secundus Quinctilius Varus


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47 | 6 March 28 AD | Paterfamilias | Senator | Straight | Canon | Carlos Bernard





In public, Secundus seems to be friendly, but also well-mannered; a bit vain, perhaps, but ultimately somewhat charming, if stuffy. Outsiders are often surprised by the combination of senatorial poise and youthful exuberance, but not put off by it. It's only Secundus' family that sees just how unstable and temperamental he can be. He is a reclusive man. He lies easily, presenting one face to the public, and a less flattering one to those who know him best. He often panics when surrounded by too many people, and whenever Secundus experiences fear, he responds with cruelty. Secundus has violent and rebellious impulses which he carefully keeps in check. Watching gladiatorial matches provides something of an outlet for this raw, unacceptable part of himself. He is also impatient, easily bored with idle talk, and ill-tempered when he thinks he has a right to be- most often, around his brother, sister, and wife. 

Secundus views his brother as an usurper, who has taken his rightful place in the family. Despite his own familial issues, Tertius is a figure Secundus sees as having achieved what he was meant to, after Publius died, and he resents the man for it. It might have blown over if not for his temper; the two bickered after his return, and Secundus was never willing to admit defeat. As such, their conversations always devolve into insults and reproach.

Secundus his sister and her children married someday. Despite his marriage, Secundus still views that branch of the family as the best chance for his father's legacy to be carried forward. He does not believe that he will be a good father. So far, however, he has been unable to find a proper husband to her.  Secundus is too arrogant to recognize that much of this failure rests with his approach; his impatience, his high standards, and his hostility.


Above average height and weight, Secundus strikes an imposing figure, until one takes a closer look. His thick beard, though somewhat groomed, is barely kept in check. It does not grow longer, but nor does he ever shave it completely. His clothes, while never sloppy, often seem somewhat dreary. Secundus cuts the figure of a rich, powerful senator. He likes to wear expensive clothing, and it is impeccably maintained. He walks in public as a figure of supreme confidence, shoulders back and back erect. However, in private, he slouches, every movement slightly slower and more ungainly than it should be. Similarly, while he retains the musculature of any capable warrior, he's softened over the years. His skin is a very light shade of brown; it had been darker, once, during his time in Germania, but with his current lifestyle, it has lightened considerably. His head hair, at least, he keeps well-groomed, as befits a patrician man of his age and standing.


Father: Publius Quinctilius Varus Major (deceased)

Mother: Laelia Calida (deceased)

Siblings: Publius Quinctilius Varus (brother, deceased), Tertius Quinctilius Varus (brother), Quinctilia Varia (sister)

Spouse: Livia Justina

Children: None, despite his fervent wishes

Extended family: Marcus Sergius Auletius


As the second child, Secundus happily flourished within the shadow of his older brother, Publius. Lacking the intelligence to be a good student, Secundus spent most of his time carousing with friends or watching gladiator fights. If it had been up to him, Secundus would have lived a life completely free of rank or responsibility. Instead, his brother's death brought unprecedented amounts of filial duty down on his head.

In order to please his father (and to get away from his watchful eye), Secundus joined the legion and fled for Germania. As a soldier, he taught himself the critical lessons of duty, patriotism, and responsibility. Where once there had been an eager young boy, now Secundus had become a dour young man. He dreamt of a comfortable life at home when the legion no longer had need of him, and he could retire with his wife and children to carry forward his father's legacy. Instead, he was captured by the enemy.

It should have been an ordinary battle, but the enemy soldiers outnumbered them. Several tribes had combined their armies in order to challenge the Rowan forces. The Romans were ultimately able to drive back the opposing forces, but before losing some of their own. Several hours later, the other soldiers realized that some of their number were missing, but by then it was too late. Secundus and his compatriots were behind enemy lines. Had Secundus died then, or escaped, perhaps he might have still achieved his dreams of familial bliss. Instead, he remained in Germania for the next six years.

After his return, Secundus and his younger brother, Tertius, argued badly before Tertius married and moved away. Secundus also has argued with his sister, as she has yet to re-marry since being widowed. Secundus himself married Livia Justina in 73 AD and it has been an unhappy, and sometimes, violent union. They spend most of their time in a villa in sleepy Tibur outside Rome. Secundus still has nightmares of what he experienced- what he did- in Germania. He has told no one of what happened there. He talks during his sleep, sometimes even walking. He screams, at night, in the language of those barbarians.


28 AD- Secundus is born

30 AD (2)- Tertius is born

45 AD (17)- Publius dies, making Secundus his father's heir

46 AD (18)- Becomes military tribune in Germania

55 AD (27)- Becomes captive of Germania

61 AD (33)- Returns to Rome

73 AD (45)- Marries Livia


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