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  1. Soraya's Current Threads: Deliver Us : Caius Lupus (April 74CE) Welcome To Rome : Caia Lupa (May 74CE) Wolf In Sheep's Clothing : Quintus Flavious Theodorus (May 74CE) Soraya's Completed Threads: Link Here _________________________________________ Calpurnia's Current Threads: A Ride In The Dark : Eppitacos (April 74 CE) Let It Burn : Pontia Comina (May 74CE) Calpurnia's Completed Threads: Link Here
  2. I can't think of anything specific when it comes to historical, but I wouldn't mind something a little darker, just because it's a little less strain on the eyes. I do love that you don't have to use postscripts or anything to make your posts look decent and well organized. It makes writing them super easier than on other sites and takes way less time thanks to not having to constantly fight with codes every time you want to write. So, if it's possible, that's definitely a feature or element that would be great to keep. I'm rather flexible on colors though, so it doesn't have to be super dark or completely without color - just something that's a little darker than the current layout.
  3. CALPURNIA'S WANTED LIST Aulus Calpurnius Praetextus (Reserved) Age: 38 or Older Rank: Senatore | Senator or Senior Military Position (possibly?) Face Claim: Optional (blonde hair, if possible similar to Calpurnia's) Notes: This is Calpurnia's older brother. In her absence, he has been away fighting and winning glory among the legions, but he is soon to return home and Calpurnia really misses him, because they were probably rather close as kids, before she was chosen to be a Vestal. Perhaps he could return with intent to take over their father's role as a Senator, or something of that nature? Honestly, I just want a reunion, so that they can work together to increase their family's wealth and status, with Calpurnia probably using every opportunity to use her position to better her male relatives position. Maybe he's willing or perhaps, she is just being pushy, who knows? His relationship status is also up to you, as I left much of that open ended. Maybe he got married and had a ton of kids in her absence, maybe he's a widower, or maybe he never married at all -it's completely up to you. Tiberius Calpurnius Praetextus Age: Early to Mid 60's Rank: Senatore | Senator Face Claim: Optional Notes: Calpurnia's father. A strict man who once served in Rome's legions and earned great respect during his service. He instilled those same disciplines to his children and is known to be rather stoic, much like his daughter. With age catching up to him, however, he's beginning to slow down and is aware that the burden of protecting the family's legacy now falls on his children's shoulders. Even so, he is there to give advice when needed and unite them in times of trouble. However, in truth, Calpurnia's final year as a Vestal cannot end soon enough for Tiberius, who knows that her accomplishments will solidify their family name. Tiberius has also not given up hope that Calpurnia will some day take a wealthy husband in the future, nor would be terribly upset if that union resulted in grandchildren. Aurelia Faustina Age: Early to Mid 60's Rank: Senatore | Senator's Wife Face Claim: Optional Notes: Calpurnia's mother. A woman deeply devoted to her husband and her children. It nearly broke her heart when Calpurnia was chosen as a Vestal, though she understand that it was necessary. She can come off as collected and calm, but in reality, she is an incredibly shrewd woman that has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to protect her family. One might also describe her as vindictive towards her enemies, but despite various attempts to keep them apart, Aurelia often visits the Temple of Vesta in some hope that she might be able to see and check on her daughter. * Extra: These are the three primary members of the family that I have reference in Calpurnia's app or threads, but I am also open to the ideas of characters like younger siblings, cousins, uncles, childhood friends, ect. If you have any ideas or think you might have a character with some possible connections to Calpurnia or the Family, feel free to hit me up either on Discord or Pms so we can discuss it. SORAYA'S WANTED LIST Former Dominus (Name???) Age: Between 25-40 Rank: Senatore or Equite | Senior Military Position Face Claim: Optional Notes: This is Soraya's former owner, who despite a great deal of denial, she had some unspoken feelings for. In 70AD her purchased her (possibly saved her for some reason?) in the region of Cappadocia and for the next two years, she served as a domestic slave. However, because he was married, she made no attempt to confess her feelings, but was deeply devoted to her master. In 72AD with the war coming to an end, he was recalled to Rome. Needless to say, his wife did not take Soraya's presence well and took every opportunity to make her life harder. In 74AD, the Dominus decided to sell Soraya, though he never explained why. Maybe he sick of his wife's constant nagging or maybe he did to protect her, but Soraya doesn't know? As for his wife, he might still be married with children, or he might have divorced his wife because she was a huge cheater, I'll leave that part up to you. Heck, maybe she died under mysterious circumstance and he's a free widower. However, after some time has passed, my idea was to have them run into each other again and for Soraya to demand the truth. I really wouldn't mind if this turned into a romantic plot in some way, because Soraya doesn't have much going on in that department at the moment and nothing says scandal like a member of the elite getting it on with his former slave. But that's just one option and I'm open for ideas.
  4. Much as Soraya tried not to become consumed with the conversation, she was somewhat relieved for the slowing pace of the evening and the fewer visitors to distract her from the fascinating patron. Turning to face him and leaning back on the table as the young slave watched him devour his food, which he seemed to be enjoying a great deal considering that he allowed her to drop far more information than she should have about her past. When he spoke this time though, Soraya felt her blood run cold in disbelief. 'He was from the same unit?! No, calm down.' There were thousands of soldiers in a Roman legion, there was no way that the two could have been acquainted and even if they were, what did that matter? She had no desire to see that man ever again. "Four years ago, Caesar raised a force to combat the Parthians, among their ranks was the XII Fulminata, who had returned to the area around Cappadocia. My former master was a senior officer among them at the time, who purchased me to have someone to prepare his meals and wash his clothes. Needless to say, it wasn't long before they figured out I was far more skilled at grinding flour and baking than they were, and so long as I finished my other duties, my master allowed me to use that skill to prepare the bread rations. That allowed the men to forage from the land and hunt, then whatever was brought back I could use a certain portion for my master's meals and they would eat what remained with the finished bread." She explained in recollection, aware that it was an unusual arrangement, but it had clearly been beneficial for both parties. Yeah, a kind word and a friendly smile could influence others a great deal, those tools had served her well back in the camp. It was only a shame that they had failed to work on the only person whose opinion had mattered back then. Instead, the young woman was never allowed to forget that despite those connections, she would never be their equal. She would probably never know what became of those brave men, as her master had been recalled to Rome a couple years later when the war had subsided. Eventually, Soraya would be sold a couple of years later when it was determined that she was more trouble than she was worth, despite the many years of loyal devotion that she had shown. It was a cruel fate and one that the young woman had no desire to dwell on, so brushed the matter aside. Returning her attention to the medicus, she listened intently as he explained that his entire family were closely linked with the worship of the healing gods and that he had been learning about medicine since his childhood. "Ah, so it's a family trade! That is rather interesting. Then you are probably not a Roman, but a Greek, perhaps?" Soraya questioned teasingly, recalling his early remark about her words being Greek and putting the puzzle pieces together. To some, such intuition might have seemed mystical, but in truth was nothing more than a reasonable deduction based on the information at her disposal. Such as the fact that he was likely unmarried, which was easy enough to deduce when a man roamed the streets searching for his evening meal, otherwise he would have had a wife to handle such arrangements and young children that would have been waiting to see their father return home. "So, where do you practice? Considering how many knives and hot stoves that we're surrounded by, I should probably know where to find a good medicus, just in case of an injury." She surmised with a sly smile that caused the corners of her mouth to turn upward ever so slightly. Truly, she wanted to know for an emergency, but it was also a subtle and playful way to learn more about the man without coming off as too forward in her approach. "Oh, that reminds me, I never caught your name. I'm Soraya, pleased to meet you." The young woman added cheerfully, unable to hide a certain innocence that lingered. @Chevi
  5. Reclining with her elbow resting on the raised seat and pillows of the litter's comfortable interior, Calpurnia had decided to call her evening to an end after the auction had completed and she had shared a short conversation with the Pontifex Maximus. She wasn't much for socializing in terms of food or drink, but she could certainly understand the reason for his choice to gather some of Rome's most important individuals into a single room for an auction unlike any other. Of course, as a Vestal Virgin, Calpurnia was expected to keep a certain distance to maintain an air of chaste dignity. As such, the woman had not approached the slave openly and instead, had observed with a discerning eye as the various Senators and elites of Rome had inspected the former gladiator, completely oblivious to the man's true value. Never a word was spoken as the Briton was led away and the bidding started, which was when an idea had entered the woman's mind, one that could have only come from divine inspiration. Although, in truth, it was rather hard to conceal the look of amusement when the Vestal had suddenly chimed in and outbid the others with an amount that caused many to nearly choke on their wine. Not that Calpurnia was prone to flashing large amounts of money around on a whim, though her family were more than able to afford such luxuries. However, the money in question had no connection to her father's house, but was a combination of earnings from properties that she had purchased and the savings that had been acquired with the generous stipend that each Virgin received for her service to the people of Rome. While it was true that the Vestal had always held a special place in society, that alone would not be enough to ensure her family's prosperity after her retirement. No, in Rome, everything was about appearances. Not only was her contribution to Caesar a favor to be repaid on some later date, but it was a display of benevolence and patriotism that would stir awe of those in the room, many who would no doubt be quick to speak of such deeds tomorrow. While she had displayed nothing less than humility on the surface, she was not naive to Caesar's intentions. Eppitacos was a man that had served him well and could still have a great deal of use, but due to his recent injury would have most certainly have met with a terrible fate in the arena. However, to release or keep him would have been perceived as weakness on Caesar's part, especially with the current sentiments towards Britannia in the Empire. Under the protection of a Vestal Virgin and the daughter of an influential family though, the former gladiator would be allowed to live out the rest of his life in peace and comfort, much like a retired racing horse. The former warrior was not without his uses, however, but that was another matter for a later date. Her cerulean eyes settled on the man as he entered the litter and took a seat across from her, offering a small smile in greeting. "Eppitacos of Briton, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Calpurnia Praetextata, daughter of Senator Tiberius Calpurnius Praetextatus and a Vestal Virgin." She introduced formally with all the grace and the charm one might have expected from someone in her position. Her voiced remained a calm and soothing tone that was meant to reassure the man that he had nothing to fear from her and that she would not mistreat him in any way. If anything, it removed any possibility that she was merely some noble born woman looking to take a gladiator as a lover. No, Calpurnia had far more scholarly pursuits in mind, but those could wait until after the introductions and for Eppitacos to grasp some understanding of his new situation. "I am told that you have served Caesar faithfully these many years, I hope that you will extend me the same courtesy as your new Domina. Do you have any questions?" Calpurnia offered kindly, threading her fingers together in her lap as those azure eyes continued to watch him in fascination, not hesitating to look him square in the eye. The movement of the curtain was just enough for the thin strands of light to catch the shimmer of golden hair which had been braided back in the traditional manner. Sadly, the flowing nature of the Vestal's traditional garb did little to reveal much about her silhouette, but it was clear that she understood that some confusion and inquiries were to be expected. Having no choice in the decision to be sold away and likely knowing nothing of the strange woman that had purchased him, Calpurnia saw no harm in extending some common courtesy to voice his concerns, since it was the least that she could offer the former warrior. True, it would not change his fate in the end, but it might bring him comfort, if only vaguely. @Chris
  6. 'Lupus?' Soraya might have laughed at the irony and twisted humor of the name, but did not want to appear rude. A sheep among wolves, indeed. Fortunately, this one seemed far more like the benevolent wolf of their origin stories. She continued to listen as Caius explained that he had two daughters. It wasn't hard to notice the change in his demeanor and Soraya could not contained the smile that appeared as the gruff looking man described his children. Obviously, the Roman was rather proud of them and she knew from experience that daughters were somewhat notorious for being the center of their father's world, wrapping even the most hardened of men around their little fingers. It was the mention of the popina that grabbed her attention, though she was not particularly experienced with such establishments. However, she had heard of them before from other slaves and they tended to vary quite widely in their practices, with some dabbling in illegal activities and other being completely legitimate businesses. Caius' description helped and he seemed to take a great deal of pride in his occupation, which thankfully seemed to be on the law abiding side of the spectrum. Apparently, it was prosperous enough to have more than a few other slaves working there, which was some relief. Not that Soraya minded being alone, but having others around that could teach her the ropes would be rather beneficial. "Well, it's a true pleasure to make your acquaintance." She answered politely, before returning to her questions. "How old are your daughters, if I may ask?" Not that it made a great deal of a difference, as it would not have been the first time that Soraya was tasked with dealing with smaller children. However, given Roman customs and Caius' general age, it was more likely that they were probably older. Either way, Soraya would be expected to show them the same loyalty and devotion, so it was paramount that she learned as much about them as she could. "What kind of foods do you sell that could be prepared in large amounts? Are the recipes difficult for a slave to learn?" Soraya inquired curiously, uncertain of what local cuisines were considered normal within the city itself and her confidence wavering a tad as she considered the scale of the operation that Caius appeared to be running. Not that she was incapable of learning or adapting to her environment, but such recipes were no doubt coveted if they were able to earn enough money to sustain the upkeep for numerous slaves. She was a bit skeptical on whether Caius would willing share that kind of knowledge or the secrets to his success with a common slave. "Speaking of which, what of the other slaves? From what lands do they hail? How long have they served you and are there any eccentricities that I should take note of?" The last question was probably a bit unusual, but those dark eyes were fixed on Caius intently. Fearless as she was, Soraya was not stupid and she had no desire to get on anyone's bad side. The last thing that she wanted was to cause some offense that could mean trouble for her down the road, since it was quite often the case that there would be an unspoken hierarchy among the existing slaves of a household. Tossing in some foreign brat with no understanding of the situation could mean trouble, something she wanted to avoid for her own sake and for her potential master. @Gothic
  7. "Only a couple of hours, I think." She answered with a weary smile, though honestly, it wasn't uncommon to see Calpurnia loose track of time. The Vestal was naturally rather strict, pushing herself to extremes to fulfill her duties, occasionally at the expense of her own health. It was the nature of all scholars to some degree, but Calpurnia was not driven by such unbridled lusts, at least none that were of a fleshly persuasion. Of course, that wasn't to say that her life was devoid of love, quite the contrary. The Virgin was deeply devoted to her family, she adored the other Vestals that had become her adopted siblings, and she loved the people of Rome in the same benevolent nature one might expect from a mother. However, when it came to romantic love, that emotion had managed to elude her. This was primarily because any attempt to seduce the young woman were shot down in flames thanks to her quick tongue and stoic demeanor, but also because there were so few in Rome that were successful enough to catch her fascination or that she would openly consider her equal enough to make her pine away like some lovesick maiden. When Pontia pointed out that she had not seen her return, it dawned on Calpurnia how late the hour must have been, and that it had probably caused some amount of concern. "Oh, I didn't mean to worry you. With Vestalia only a month away, however, I wanted to ensure that the Temple would have access to enough supplies of wheat and salt to prepare the mola salsa for the sacrifices." Calpurnia explained casually, hoping that it would be enough to reassure her elder Vestal that her actions were nothing to be fearful over and that she had not been sneaking out, or some other foolishness that could have brought disgrace on the Temple. What she hadn't expected was Pontia's ability to see past the ruse and to the true cause of her excuses to avoid going to sleep. Almost immediately, her features faltered as the solemn mask that she tried so hard to wear began to show cracks and she bit down on her bottom lip nervously. Calpurnia's nightmares were not something she enjoyed discussing. It was not simply because of how terrifying they could be, but that on rare occasions, they had been witnessed by her fellow Virgins. She had always worked so hard to be their rock, a source of assurances and comfort when they needed her, so to have them see the Vestal in such a shameful state was unforgivable. Nevertheless, she could not count the nights that she had awoken, drenched in sweat and her heart racing as though she were being chased by some wild beast. Sadly, the reason for her terror was not a matter that Calpurnia could so easily explain to the younger Virgins that had not been there to witness the true cause, nor did she have a strong desire to burden them with the inevitable truth that had haunted Calpurnia all these years. However, it would do no good to lie to Pontia, who knew her better than just about any other person in Rome. Releasing a heavy sigh in mild defeat, Calpurnia sunk back into her chair and lowered her azure eyes to the floor meekly. "They... have grown more frequent as of late, though I cannot understand the reason. I do not wish to frighten the others with such actions, but I cannot discern why the gods have chosen to test me in this manner. Yet, each sunset fills me with a renewed dread and I fear above all that they be some warning of things to come." The Vestal confessed tiredly, raising a hand to massage her forehead in hopes of alleviating an oncoming headache caused by the stress of the situation and her poor posture. It was not an easy thing for the woman to admit, but she had come to fear sleep and the encroaching darkness, as if at any moment it threatened to swallow her and those she cared about. There was no amount of logic that could soothe her fears either, despite her various attempts at sacrifices and uses of various charms, all her efforts had come to naught. @Gothic
  8. There were somethings that were universally known across the various empires; a kind word would often get you farther than brute force and regardless of one's persuasion of a certain gender, everyone wanted to feel like the center of attention or like a royal at least once in their lives. She could do nothing to aid the taste of the foods, but what she could offer was something that few places could replicate - the experience. That might not have seemed like much to some, but to those who could rarely afford such luxuries, it was worth it's weight in gold. A cheerful smile was offered at his kind remark, before returning to her work and allowing him to savor his first few bites. The noise of satisfaction was hard to miss, but it was not until the medicus had addressed her once more than her dark eyes flickered upward in attention. "Oh, yes. I was born in the city of Ecbatana, where my family once made their living among the various merchants." She answered without much thought, but a keen ear might catch that her statements were clearly past tense. What had become of her family and how Soraya had ended up as a slave were a bit more complicated, and she had no desire to bore the customers with the cruel nature of life. "No, while I am capable of cooking some Parthian dishes, the recipes here were created by my master, Caius Lupus. From what I understand, the idea was to create something that was both affordable and quick to make, without sacrificing the overall taste ." Soraya explained casually, recalling what she had been told by Caius and the other slaves. "In any case, it's far superior in taste to the Parthian bread I used to make for my former master and legion soldiers." The young woman added, referring to the hardtack biscuit or cracker that was twice baked which allowed it to keep and whom many writers swore would allow the bread to keep for hundreds of years. While it was true the item was efficient for extended travels, the same could not be said for it's bland taste, which was barely tolerable, even with additions of honey or wine. Nevertheless, few Romans would apply themselves to the taxing work of grinding wheat or barely into flour for bread, especially not when it was easier and less effort to have a random slave do the job for them. At least, that had been her former master's line of thinking, since he'd had units of soldiers to run and to many enemies to worry about such tedious activities as preparing suitable meals. In Caius' case, the need for more hands was understandable, as the quantity of bread required to run such an operation were more than one person could produce on their own. He wasn't someone that minded getting his hands dirty though, and for that reason, it wasn't hard to have a certain level of respect. It was the addition about his time on the eastern frontier, however, that sparked a note of recognition across the young woman's features. "You served with the legions? Where at in the east? Is that where you learned to be a medicus?" She inquired curiously, not wanting to come off as too eager or just downright nosy, but unable to quite help herself. Not that the outcome would have been unheard of among the legions, since many often had healers among the ranks to stave off death from inflicted wounds or infections. Even so, it never hurt to know a man's experience, especially not when one considered how many ways there were to injury yourself in the preparation of food and being constantly surrounded by knives. @Chevi
  9. To her credit, Soraya had always been rather adept when it came to social skills, but what could one expect from someone that had grown up bartering in the eastern bazaars and trading with the various caravans that passed through their country. She was a salesman at heart, one whose good nature could probably be taken advantage of, if she weren't careful. In the safety of the establishment though, Soraya had little to fear. The food in question was not hard to sell and required few embellishments. It was simple and quick, if not a bit greasy. It was also a huge step up from the average porridge that many Romans tended to consume, but a smile did cross her features when she heard his stomach growl faintly. As he thought about what he wanted to order, she brought him the cup of Mulsum, or spiced honey wine. It wasn't until he noted that her manner of perspective was far more Greek than Roman, that the notion earned a soft chuckle in amusement. "Ah, my apologies. That's probably because I grew up in Parthia, where there are a large number of Greeks." She attempted to excuse, hesitant to bore him with the intimate details of how a Parthian, someone that many Roman's considered an ancient enemy, had ended up as a slave in the middle of the empire's capital. If what she said was true, however, then not only was the young woman able to communicate in Greek, but she understood to some degree the various teachings of scholars and doctors from the east, a unique trait among slaves. "Coming right up, dominus." Soraya answered with a cheerful smile, moving back toward the kitchen and poking her head in to deliver the order. Sadly, she was too soft spoken and unaccustomed to barking orders back toward the kitchen like their master did. She was only gone for a couple of minutes, before returning with a plate of food in hand and making her way back to the medicus' table. The chicken had been chopped up and grilled in a mix of various spices, becoming the centerpiece among the bread and vegetables. A thick, reddish-brown sauce was also visible, creating a meal that could be eaten at a table or wrapped with the bread for someone in a hurry. Soraya would have been lying to say that she wasn't a little proud of the presentation as she placed the food in front of him, but this was his first time and she was always curious when it came to new customers. "Please enjoy, dominus. If you need anything else, just let me know. " The young woman added in a pleasant tone, before removing a cloth and moving to clean a nearby table. This allowed her to continue working and to seem like she wasn't intruding on his meal, but it had a second purpose. In truth, Soraya wanted to see his reaction and to make sure he didn't attempt to ditch without paying. It was only in the recent decades that many of the spices from the east had become available and widespread among Roman cooking, not the least of which was pepper. The chicken wasn't drenched in the stuff, but it was part of the sauce that was mixed in with the meat. It was ironic that something so small could make even the worst cut of meat taste like something that might be served to the Patricians. Most often, it made the food have a small bite to it, but it was not nearly as strong enough to cause any permanent damage. If patrons found it too spicy, then it was often advised that they ordered a piece of Libum, or Roman cheesecake, which consisted of milk and worked well to coat the internal burn for those more sensitive to the spice. That was rare, thankfully. From the corner of her dark eyes, however, she continued to steal the occasional glance and praying it was to his liking. Customers were a sorted lot, so you could never be certain how they would react and it was like waiting for the results of a coin toss. @Chevi
  10. Consumed with her work, it wasn't until her name was called that those icy blue eyes rose in attention and her pen suddenly came to a halt. She hadn't expected anyone else to be up at this hour, but her brows immediately lifted in a small tell of surprise. "Oh, Vestalis Maxima. Good evening." Calpurnia chirped as cheerfully as one could at this unholy hour and flashed a weary smile in greeting, all while studying Pontia curiously in a bit of confusion. It wasn't like she was some novice that was about to be scolded for staying up too late or spending time in the library. Her work held a great deal of importance, but sadly, that didn't remove the anxiousness that stirred underneath. Even at her current age, there were moments where she still felt like a child, restless and eager, despite the mask of maturity that Calpurnia attempted to exude around others. "My apologies, I must have lost track of time. I was sorting through the documents that had been delivered to the temple for safekeeping and recording their additions to the library." She explained calmly, setting the pen aside and rising from her seat respectfully. It wasn't until she stood that Calpurnia realized how stiff her shoulders had become from sitting in such a bent position. Straightening up, the boned in her neck crackled as a hand rose to sooth the sore muscles. Such was the price one paid for diligence, but it was worth it to ensure that the Vestals were able to maintain their status and trust among the people of Rome. "What brings you here, if I may ask? Is there something I can help you with?" The younger Vestal offered politely, never one to shy away from work when someone needed assistance. After all, besides Pontia, she was the oldest of the Virgins and was always careful to set a good example. Calpurnia had always been that way, she had a certain charisma when it came to dealing with others, but it was her diligence that always stood out. Nevertheless, she had not spoken with anyone about the inevitable end of her thirty year vow, a sort of elephant in the room that she was determined to ignore discussing until the last possible moment. As she'd reached maturity, however, the gods of sleep had decided to forsake her and she'd spent many a night gazing into the sacred flame in search of answers. Even when it was possible to catch more than a few hours of sleep, the younger Vestal would often be plagued with nightmares, and on various occasions, had been torn from sleep by the ghosts of nightmares pasts. One more year, if she could survive that long without any incidents, then she would be free from the constant and looming threat of a horrible death. Not that Calpurnia was in any hurry to get married necessarily, nor did she ever show signs of fondness towards another that might have overstepped her role as a Vestal. To most, she had nothing to worry about, but the lessons of history were deeply ingrained in Calpurnia's mind. The Vestal were her sisters, a part of her family, and she would never again allow them to be disgraced or harmed, regardless of what path she chose in the future. Increasingly aware of the other sects that had started to enter Rome though, filling the heads of the people with talk of new gods from the east and other such nonsense, Calpurnia would need to use the knowledge she had acquired to protect herself and those around her. Perhaps, in the process, she would be able to nip their problems in the bud, long before they could cause further unrest among the population. @Gothic
  11. The Epp/Calpurnia thread sounds like a great idea, just tag me or let me know when it's up, so if you could start that be really great. As for Manius/Calpurnia, I could totally see that happening. The library isn't really a secret and I have a feeling he probably wouldn't be the first or the last scholar that has asked to borrow a book or documents for their own writing or research purposes, so she totally cool with it.
  12. Crap, now she'd done it. Her features momentarily faltered, a solemn concern appearing as her days eyes watched the bearded Roman. Soraya had merely wanted to show that she was versatile and adaptable to various situation, but as usual, her excitement just made the slave appear overly forward and abrasive. It was like being a kid all over again, her desire to impress others was so strong that it tended to have the opposite effect, scaring or intimidating them. Rome, Parthia, it mattered not where she found herself, it was always the same. An invisible knife twisted in her gut, however as he spoke, waiting to hear that awful word - 'but'. Even when unspoken, it lingered like a bad aftertaste. What else was she suppose to say? What else could she say? Her mind desperately clawed for answers, as Caius posed his question. She'd been so busy blurting out her entire life story and resume that she'd completely forgotten that she did not even know the first thing about him. All Soraya did know for certain was that he had lost someone important to him. Beyond that, she did not even know the man's name, not that slaves were often permitted to address their masters so casually. "Dozens, actually." She answers with a weak gallows humor of sorts. "I suppose, most important, I'd like to know your name? Most Romans don't even notice or acknowledge when a slave is around, but you chose to approach me. Those are the actions of a benevolent and noble man, regardless of his status or social position. " Soraya pointed out, not wanting to accuse the Romans of being a backwards society, because the same was true of many past Empires. However, it was always important to remember that such things were not merely based on birth alone, but the choices one made. "Also, what do you do for a living and do you have a family?" The young woman added curiously, attempting not to flood him with inquiries and limiting herself to the top three that were the most pressing at that moment. He would learn soon enough that Soraya was a curious creature, which was part of the problem. Her mind was constantly working, always curious and fascinated with the world around, and always attempting to learn. Much like a fox, that could occasionally get her into trouble, but made her an exceptional asset to anyone that could harness her loyalties to their benefit.
  13. Awesome! Apologies if it's this rambles a tad, it's after midnight here but wanted to post before I fell asleep. EPPITACOS: Omgosh XD I just finished reading his auction thread and yeah, I could totally see Calpurnia slipping in there and outbidding everyone else at the last second, then bouncing like a total boss. Extending mercy to condemned criminals is also part of her job as a Vestal and if anyone gives her any flack about it, she can simply blame it on being led by the 'will of the gods' and a favor to the Imperial family (Because really, who would miss a chance to have Caesar view them as benevolent and kind-hearted?). It also wouldn't hurt that she have someone around her villa to run things when she is busy at the Temple and who better than a man that was a former gladiator. His skill as a general would probably make ensuring order pretty easy and he is still strong enough to act as her escort around Rome, which would likely set people to talking (because it's practically two celebrities being seen together, but before twitter.) Of course, his newfound status would allow him a fairly cushy job, including living arrangements (food, fine wine, and hot baths) and access to the library, if he wanted. There's also the added bonus that if Eppitacos is one of the few survivors and has done everything that Caesar has said of him, then it would be foolish not to converse with him. Calpurnia would, no doubt, want to create a first hand account and record of the battles that he's been in, from the men he fought with to the names his enemies, because that kind of history is too important to lose and deserves to be passed down to future generations. But yeah, these two should totally come into each others lives, Calpurnia does come off as intimidating at first, but underneath, she is an absolute softy and can empathize pretty easily with those in a terrible situation. MANIUS SCAURUS: As for these two, it's totally no rush. She still has a year to fulfill before being allowed to marry, but she has experienced enough to know that it never hurts to be thinking several moves ahead of you opponents, especially when it comes to Roman politics. In the meantime, they could still interact and as she adores any chance to nerd-out. I'm totally down for throwing these two together just to see what happens and watching them awkwardly attempt to gauge each other. Mainly because while Calpurnia is mature, but there are some questions about his ability to father children that she'll probably be skirting around, not wanting to seem rude. Given his background and heritage, she would definitely attempt to establish good relations with the Aemilii-Scauri in general. I will at some point try to get her brother and father on a wanted ad so that there is a little more dynamic. Right now, it's just Calpurnia, but yeah DM on Discord and we can flesh out things a little more.
  14. CALPURNIA PRAETEXTATA Calpurnia is my 38 year old, Vestal Virgin, who only has a year left before she will have completed her sworn vow of chastity. At present, she is uncertain of what she wants to do with her potential freedom. On one hand, she has no desire to confine herself to the order forever and wishes to see the lands beyond Rome. She could eventually marry, but before that she actually needs to find some potential suitors, so if there are any of the single noble that want to throw their hats into ring, please be might guest. She is also from a rather old and noble family, so it could be a political or it could be genuine, leaving her to struggle with temptation as the months count down to. As for others, Calpurnia is often found at the Temple and her contacts include a wide range of Roman society, due to the nature of the Vestals. Initially, she can come off as stoic and difficult to approach, but is simply a deep thinker and a bookworm.Hang around long enough though, and she might just let a person come to her private villa and see the vast library of books from across the Empire. Character Information: Profile Link SORAYA Soraya was originally a noble daughter of an established family in Parthia, but that all changed when her family was murdered and she was thrown into slavery. She was purchased by a soldier in one the legion and she spent four years there, only to be sold off not long after he had returned to Rome. Recently, at the age of 25, she was purchases by Caius Lupus and now work at his eatery shop. She tends to run into various types of people that come into the shop to dine, but isn't above interacting with others when running errands for the market. She prefers to make friends whenever possible, simply because it could assist her new master. At the moment, she is not searching for romance, but I'm not opposed to it if you have any ideas. Other than that, Soraya is incredibly intelligent and cunning, but she doesn't have a great deal of street smart and is unaccustomed to how things work in Rome, such as the brutal underworld and it's gangs or the ruthlessness of the plots of the elites. Character Information: Profile Link
  15. Updating this, due to new character addition: OOC Name: AzraelGrim Character Name: SorayaLink to active thread: Deliver Us Character Name: Calpurnia PraetextataLink to active thread: Let It Burn
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