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  1. Mew

    Mew's plotter

    @Liv Hey! So Livia's situation seems suuuper interesting, and so does Titus', especially when you mentioned that Aulus could be jelly of what he has as far as a family that Aulus feels like he got shafted on. I'm up for either one or both plots, so lemme know where they are currently at location-wise, and we can see who has the flash of brilliance first to post the starters. :3
  2. Mew

    Mew's plotter

    aulus avilus galerius - thirty-six - spymaster senatore - hetero - widower (agrippina julia, deceased) family Those he knows personally and of course his family are genuinely loved and protected. He isn't violent, but being in the business he is, he knows people who are for the promise of some coin. If he needs to call on them, he absolutely will, without hesitation, if his family is in danger. He gets along with his immediate family fairly well and even his in-laws, despite what's happened with their daughter (his wife who passed). protagonist Aulus is, on the surface, a kind, ge
  3. Mew

    Spirit of Love Past

    Name: Up to you! Face: Diane Kruger/"Helen" from Troy Plottage: This young lady is a dead ringer, if you'll excuse the pun, for Aulus' wife who passed away two years ago after losing both unborn children to unknown causes. I suspect that he would've glimpsed her a few times just around Roma as he goes about his business and she about hers, but never said anything or even approached her. He's likely been driving himself batty in private, wondering who she is, if she even exists or if he's just going crazy and seeing his beloved wife everywhere. I'd love for them to eventually meet and
  4. AULUS AVILUS GALERIUS 36 | 21 Junius 39 | Senatorial | Spymaster | Hetero | Original | Conleth Hill Personality Aulus is, on the surface, a kind, gentle man. His babyface invites you in, makes you feel welcomed, cared for, and valued. Most are, to be honest. Those he knows personally and of course his family are genuinely loved and protected, but less so would be those he works with and for. He does do his best work for them, regardless of his feelings, but if it came down to himself or them, then he would certainly choose himself. He is absolutely one that se
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