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    IGNATIUS 23 | 10th December 50 AD | Slave | Kitchen Worker | Questioning | OC | Paul Craddock Personality Iggy is a gentle, sweet guy who, strangely, enjoys his work. He's usually found in the kitchen of Domus Venus, but helps out in other positions when it's needed. He's not a morning person and will likely never be, but not in a bad way - he's not grumpy or rude, simply not terribly talkative unless it's required. He loves being around children, baking sweets for them if he can get away with it, since he grew up a slave himself and knows the life they lead. As such, he hates seeing them be reprimanded in harsh ways, but knows not to speak out, lest he receive the same, if not worse punishment for speaking out of turn. There are many things he turns a blind eye to that he wishes he didn't have to, but such is the life of a slave. His ways in keeping his room up are very neat and precise since he has been taught this nearly since birth, and if anything is out of order, he will notice. If too much is out of place at the same time, he will - almost panickedly - rush about to get it back to where and how it should be before anyone in charge notices. He does love to lounge about, but not if there is work to be done. Only after the work is complete will he allow himself to sit, or sometimes even take a meaningful breath. Appearance Standing around five-eight, Iggy isn't unusual in that sense. It's his Germanic paleness that makes him stand out - blonde, almost white hair; pale blue eyes, and a pale skin tone with a golden sheen. His face seems delicately sculpted out of marble by an elite artist and given life by the gods themselves. His body is soft and supple, but still contains the strength and durability to do the work required of him at the Domus Venus. Family Father: Mattias / Mercury - slave, still alive Mother: Amalia / Gaia - slave, still alive Siblings: Maia - older sister, stillborn Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: Unknown Other: Titinia Novella - owner, boss History -- Mattias and Amalia come from Germanic lands to find a new home in Rome. They, low on coin, find themselves borrowing from 'Herr' Marcellus Severus Minor, a local 'businessman' and promised to pay him back with the profit from their lands. -- The two fall on hard times and are unable to make much of a profit, making Amalia offer to work for him and his family to pay back the rest. With them being ignorant to the ways of Rome, she doesn't realize she has just signed up herself and her husband, who is assigned to the fields, for a lifetime of servitude. -- In May of 46 CE, Amalia bears a child - a stillborn daughter that she names Maia. Four years later, in 50, a son comes into the world. She names him Erik, but his slave name in his new home is Ignatius. -- Iggy, as the other children in the home call him, is treated well and seems to seamlessly blend in with the life, following instructions and keeping up with even some of the older children in chores once he is old enough. -- He learns what schooling there is from the matrons and other children, just enough to count his coin that he earns and to pay for market items, if he is asked to do so. As he ages, he gains more responsibility in the home and ends up in the kitchen. Marcellus' wife, Titinia, claims the boy for her business, Domus Venus. -- Now 23, he nearly has full run of the kitchen if the matron isn't there, and knows his way about the place. He loves to cook and do the dishes, and when he gets a chance, to create sweets for others as a gift or reward. He hopes to become head of the kitchen one day and please his Madame with the skills he's learned. Mew | EST | Discord or Site PM
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