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  1. "All I'm saying, really, is don't close yourself off to him - show an interest, make it easy for him to approach you, he'll appreciate that even if he doesn't say as much," Teutus said, following Alexius into the water with a gasp of his own. "I think they prefer the term invigorating, but yes - it's just another way of saying it's cold." Maybe he just didn't want to see Alexius' relationship with his son go through the sort of issues Teutus had with his own father - not that that was likely to happen, Alexius and Tertius being very different people. Alexius wasn't half as emotionally constipated as Tertius, for one thing. The pool wasn't huge, but was big enough for a bit of a swim and Teutus sighed. A couple of lengths would be good exercise, even if his technique was completely ridiculous. @Atrice
  2. He swallowed the last bite of his lunch and stood up, wiping his fingers on his tunic as he joined her at the bottom of the steps, noting the dubious look her maid gave her as she left them alone together. Well, that was unexpected - the girl didn't even know him or anything. She seemed awfully naive and Davus wasn't quite sure what to do. It would be easy to take advantage of her - it wasn't in his nature to do that but she didn't know that, did she! "I think the bits of Rome I know aren't going to be very interesting to you," he said. Or suitable for someone of your status - but he couldn't really say that out loud. Her father would probably have some very choice words for him if he took her anywhere unsuitable, but really, where did high-class ladies like to go? Shopping might be a good bet, if they didn't go too far or stay too long - he did have to get back to his master's house at some point today, after all. "Have you been to the Porticus Liviae?" It was fairly close, had lots of stalls and places for a young lady to browse through, and wouldn't leave him having to walk halfway across Rome to get back home. @Atrice
  3. Sharpie

    A missing mother

    This is Varinia, the mother of freedman Teutus Quinctilius Varus, who fell pregnant with him at a (relatively) young age by her master's son Tertius Quinctilius Varus. She was sold when her son was fifteen, and they have not seen one another since. Where she has been and what has happened to her in the meantime is up to you, but in the meantime her son has been freed and is now in a position to buy her and free her (if she has not been freed already). There is plenty of potential for plots - her son Teutus and ex-lover Tertius are both played, as is Charis, a slave in a similar position as she was, with a new baby son by Tertius. Suggested PB above is Annabel Scholey from Britannia but anyone who looks plausibly like a parent of Teutus with Tertius would work. If you have any other questions, catch me or Atrice on Discord! Reserved for @Sarah
  4. At this rate, Gaius was very much of a mind to exercise his potestas and pack his brother off somewhere as Tribune whether he wanted it or not. Waiting for him to make his own mind up about a career had not seemed to produce any serious thought about any such thing and Gaius' patience was wearing thin. He had given his brother until the end of the year, though if he had to live through another such dinner as this he might well curtail that time. "I understand the savillum was made by a trainee cook. If it not up to your standards, I am sure that the cook in question could be set to cleaning the floors while they contemplate their choice of position in this house," he said, almost positive that it was the product of his brother's work. "What of yourself, Ovinia Camilla? Do you prefer the country or life in Rome?" @Chevi @Sara
  5. Sharpie

    Sarah's Plotter

    Late reply but - I'm up for that! :D
  6. Sharpie

    PBs for NPCs

    Annabel Scholey is a very strong contender for Teutus' mother...
  7. August 76 Teutus had found and secured the use of a warehouse near the river's edge, located between the Aventine and where the river swept around Regio XIII, after passing Tiber Island, the Probus Bridge and the remains of the bridge defended in antiquity by Horatius. It was a good-sized warehouse, easily acessible from the river, with its own wharf, and easily secured (though Teutus would ensure that he had a couple of trustworthy guards on the site at all times - he was not going to have a guard or two there only when there was something valuable on the premises, and give that fact away). There were other warehouses nearby and he neither knew nor cared what was stored in any of them, save only that their presence would help disguise his own goods should anyone come looking with less than honest intentions. He was on the site today to ensure that the latest shipment was stored properly, dressed as befit his station as the owner of the business in tunic and pallium and with a commanding presence (if he didn't particularly feel commanding he could at least look it, and followed his father's example as far as appearances went). Some of his goods would be sold directly, some via auction (he knew a good auctioneer who would get decent prices and not charge exhorbitantly for his services). All in all, trade was good, and he could present his father with a good report of his dealings. He turned as his clerk murmured, "Domine, there's someone to see you..." There was indeed. "How can I help you?" Tag: Open!
  8. Sharpie

    Maps of Rome

    (Mostly because I have to hunt for them and this'll make then easier to find - hopefully!) I'm also hoping to be able to get these full-size, or at least to have a link to the full-size version, if I can figure it out... Link for bigger Link for bigger
  9. Marcus did not answer immediately, letting the ink dry before rerolling the scroll and replacing it in its niche and then sitting back down again. His own position depended on the goodwill of the current Augustus, so he took a necessary interest in who that was, but that was his only real interest in politics outside of the racing world. The Whites had been left alone during the civil war - Marcus' own knowledge of it was as more of a background event to the events of his own family. His father had died in 61, nothing to do with the riots and fighting but simply his heart giving up (at least from what he understood from the medicus) and Marcus had retired from racing himself to concentrate on running the faction and looking after his family. "I think that Quintus Caesar has show wisdom in deciding to retire while he can hand the reins over himself to his chosen successor," Marcus replied, slowly. "It remains to be seen what sort of a leader Titus Augustus will be, but I understand that he has appointed a council made up of some of the most experienced members of the Senate, as well as family members, to advise him. Whether or not he will take the advice given is another thing, of course, but the potential is there for this to be a smooth stable transition without the fighting and rioting in the streets that we had fourteen years ago." He looked up at the other man, still standing there. "I don't know if you remember that civil war, but we have as good a chance as any to avoid another, if the young man is sensible. And a son of Quintus Caesar must have as much chance of being sensible as anyone." @Járnviðr
  10. Teutus honestly wouldn't mind going through the whole thing but Alexius' needs trumped his own, and he was used to following along - he should be more assertive in his life, really, but it wasn't as though he minded following others at times. Just, not all the time, especially among equals. "If you need a cold bath, we'll do that then," he said. A cold plunge might help clear his own head, too, though he wasn't the one who'd spent the morning drinking. "If he knows more about you than you do him, that's a good reason to ask him about himself, find out about him - and he won't know you and the things you like. Just the stories he's heard about you the gladiator. It's the difference between knowing all about a senator - like one of the consuls - and actually meeting him to talk to. Except for longer than just a social occasion or something." He led the way into the plunge bath. "Don't laugh at me for not being able to swim properly," he said, managing a smile. "The baths I used to go to don't have a proper size natatorium, after all." @Atrice
  11. Well, there it was - they had totally run out of all possible innocuous subjects and it was only natural that Antheia try to sound Volusa out about her background and her own place here. "Yes," she said simply. "My parents are both slaves here, I was brought up in the Palace." It made it easier and harder at the same time - and she had been witness to some of the events leading up to the civil war, although she'd been very young and kept as much out of view of the principal members of the household as possible, whoever wore the purple at the time. Even now, she rarely saw the Emperor himself ever, and when she did it was usually at a distance. Though that might change with the new Emperor being Titus, Quintus' son. Nothing that Volusa needed to worry about, anyway. "What about you? You, uh, sound Greek." Which meant very little, really, except that she'd lived in Achaia, but whether as a free person or a slave, Volusa couldn't tell. @locutus-sum
  12. "Oh good," he said and sat back down, though he couldn't quite relax as he had before. The relationship he had with the other members of his family was an awkward one, he was related to them by birth but, also by birth, he was subservient to them, being a slave. Of all the various members of his family, somehow his relationship with his cousin was one of the most awkward; he always had the impression that she didn't quite know how to treat him, when nobody else bothered to treat him as anything other than a slave and Tertius' secretary. The atmosphere was a little more tense suddenly than it had been and he eventually sighed and set his tabula aside, pausing in planning his next lesson for Antonia. "I'm making you uncomfortable by being here, Domina," he said quietly. "I can go, if you prefer to be alone." @locutus-sum
  13. August 76 It was rare that Rufus was sent on an errand by his master; he was his master's personal attendant and errnads were generally given to house-slaves to run. This one had been deemed important enough to dispatch Rufus himself, though, and he was glad of the little bit of freedom to leave the house and take the message, which was for the lanista of the Ludus Magnus. The only reply he'd been told to wait for was a 'yes' or a 'no' (and Rufus' master being who he was, the expected and only acceptable answer would be 'yes') which answer he'd received. He was on his way home and hadn't managed to get very far when he had to move out of the way of a litter that was being carried along the street with little regard for the pedestrians already in it. He hastily stepped backwards and, as he did so, caught his foot on the edge of a pothole caused by a missing paving stone and went down, hard. It was a moment before he could gather himself, and look down at his ankle, which was throbbing. He hadn't heard or felt anything break, but there was a definite swelling at the joint, and he sucked in a breath. mehercle but it hurt! @Chevi
  14. Britannia, 67AD Attis had grown used to the life of a Legate's personal slave with the Legions in Britannia. He was still growing used to the weather and the wet and the mud, but after that first time tripping over a grass hummock, he hadn't manage anything quite so ignominious again, certainly not where anyone could see. Oh, for paved roads again, though - they were building some outside the fort, but the fort itself was still a ditch, a wooden palisade and rows and rows of tents, with one or two more permanent structures like the bathhouse and the Praetorium and prison. It hadn't taken him too long to find his way around, Roman army camps were laid out in nice neat straight lines with all the important buildings (or tents) in the middle and the less important ones outside of them and so on, right to the edges of the camp by the palisade. Which meant that at least his master's tent, one of the nice big ones, was near the middle of the camp. Longinus was elsewhere at the moment, either on the parade square or in the Praetorium, and Attis wasn't needed, so once he'd finished his current chores, he ducked out of the tent for some air somewhere. He pulled his cloak around his shoulders; autumn here might be pretty but there was a chill in the air that he really wasn't used to, and he'd been told it would only get worse as winter wore on. There was a familiar slight figure up ahead, the interprex Aius - Attis had seen him around, of course. Longinus didn't always dispense with Attis when he was doing Legion business, and occasionally had need of an interpreter while doing Legionary business. "Salve," he said, stepping out of the way as Aius approached - Attis the slave was marginally beneath Aius the free peregrinus in the grand scheme of things. It seemed they were both going the same way, to the cookhouse for food. Of course. @Chevi
  15. "Your father Quintus Caesar had always taken a great deal of care with everything he has turned his hand to," Aulus said in agreement, and smiled. "I spent my time as tribune in Achaea, if you can believe it - serving under your father while he was legate there. While it was not the frontier of the Empire, I spent time there too, later on, in Germania and then Britannia. The Empire has rather a lot of border and not everyone on the other side of it is friendly." He tore off a chunk of bread to give him something to do as he thought. "Is there anyone in particular you would wish to serve under, or anywhere you'd like to serve your time as tribune?" he asked, and smiled. "And no, I won't be offended in the least if you didn't want me - there are some extremely capable legates in Rome right now, any one of whom would be good for you career." He wasn't entirely sure how he had ended up serving under Quintus Flavius Alexander, but it had absolutely been the making of him - he would follow Quintus into Hades itself should the need arise - as it was, the circumstances fourteen years before had been close to Hades, and Quintus had been the only chance Aulus could see for a positive outcome and a stable Rome. And here was his son, wanting to carry that legacy on. Having seen what could easily be, without a firm hand on the helm, Aulus would do what he could in support and encouragement for the younger generation now that it was his turn to pass on his hard-won wisdom and to give advice. @Sarah
  16. Bear. Yes, a bear was a good approximation for tha animal, though Attis didn't think bears liked meeting new people and slobbering all over them by way of saying salve. He wondered if Sulpicius Rufus had had any idea how much of a ridiculous thing it was - no, of course he knew. He'd done it on purpose. Roma Dea, he'd probably been the one to suggest Attis should be the one to look after him. Cock! "It's a dog. He just wants to say hello, he likes new people," Attis offered. "I'll put him away if he's going to be a nuisance. He won't bite or anything though, sir."
  17. June 76 The gardens of private houses being relatively common areas for householders' friends to wander around in, somehow Attis was not surprised when his master's friend's brother came out into the sunshine after his conversation with Attis' master. He had enough warning to be able to take a firm grip on Rugam's collar and plant his feet; the dog was friendly and enthusiastic, and probably going to be the size of a horse when it stopped growing, juding by the size of its paws. He wondered if it would fill its skin out as it grew, or if the skin grew with it so it would end up just as wrinkly as ever. Like someone wearing a badly-arranged toga. "I hope you don't mind dogs, sir," he called, trying to give fair warning (as if Rugam's barking hadn't been enough warning). "He's friendly." He'd shut him away if he needed to, he didn't really know the man to know whether he ought to allow the dog to say hello, or not. (He tended to reserve the dog's most enthusiastic greetings for people he wasn't overly fond of, if he had some warning - the other day with Tranquillus had been more or less a fluke.) @Chevi
  18. "I've been here for..." he had to pause to think and work it out. "Ten years. Is it really that long?" It didn't seem like it - he'd lived in Rome as long as he'd lived in Alexandria, by his reckoning. And the five years in Corinth too - it did sound about right. "I don't mind at all, thoug I don't know about teaching you about Rome, Lady - I'm not likely to know the bits you'd find most interesting." Gods help him if they went to the sort of places he was most familiar with from errands and the like. She'd be more interested in the sights and the gardens (which required payment to enter which meant that Davus had been there a grand total of once in his life, accompanying the mistress when she'd decided to treat the children - and they'd had a small entourage of which Davus was only one member). "What sort of things would you like to know?" he asked. He might know something, at least, even if he didn't think it seemed impressive. @Atrice
  19. A week later than planned due to some completely unforeseen circumstances (namely, the death of the hard drive everything was saved on!) but it's finally here!! A couple of things to note: I have done my utmost to get at least one character from everyone currently active on the board. In one case this means I've had to use a character not currently in play because the only played character doesn't have any suitable footage and I wanted to keep things coherent. I've also included two or three canon characters who aren't in play but who have been and who have ties to characters who are in play. With all that said, please enjoy!
  20. The Romans were a truly unimaginative bunch when it came to naming people - and Attis' master was no different when it came to naming pets apparently. But then again, much the same could be said for Attis himself, who'd bestowed a very literal nickname on the big wrinkly mutt. It was kind of a cute thing, if big and clumsy. He wondered if the dog would ever figure out just how big he was and tone his enthusiasm down. He looked down at it as it rested its chin heavily on his knee, huffing a contented sigh as he continued petting it. "Obviously," he said in agreement. He didn't think he'd ever learned Florus' actual name - he hadn't had all that much to do with Longinus' captives while in Britannia, and even once they'd all come to Rome, Attis had been focussed on his master and the kid had been half terrified of him because he was so close to the master and he (the kid!) was utterly terrified of putting so much as a toenail out of place. All the stories about how the Romans dealt with misbehaving slaves had obviously got to him. It was nice that he was able to unbend enough to admit his actual name. "I can't imagine what it must be like to have to answer to a different name, specially one from a completely different language," he said thoughtfully. Which wasn't the sort of thing he'd normally think about, much less say, but Tranquillus had a way about him that pulled Attis' usually very well hidden serious side a little closer to the surface. @Chevi
  21. Aulus' estimation of the young man as a serious and thoughtful person who would give things their due consideration was borne out by his words. Everyone of his age had a lot to learn, whether or not they knew it or were willing to admit to it. That Claudius Sabucius admitted both spoke volumes. "The direction of the Empire's future is not something to be taken lightly." "Indeed," Aulus said, accepting the implied compliment with an incline of his head. "And not least among those role models is your adopted father - he was such to me, when I was not much older than you are now, in fact." And if he could return that by being a role model to Quintus' sons in any way, he would - he owed the previous emperor a great deal. It seemed wrong to think of him as the 'former emperor' or anything along those lines while he still lived, but there had been wisdom in his unprecedented decision to retire. It was the sort of wisdom that characterised Quintus Flavius Alexander and coloured all his actions, the wisdom that had drawn Aulus and others to him, to offer their support in whatever way they could. He would be very much missed as ruler - though if Titus showed anything like the same sense as his adoptive brother was currently demonstrating, the Empire would be in safe hands. "It is a lot of work, of course, although I can imagine that it would have been more work a hundred years ago. But to achieve the pinnacle of your ambition - that is something not everyone can say they have done." He would not be hunting for anything further; his ambition was not for power in and of itself, but for power to serve Rome, and to serve Rome meant to serve the emperor. Titus Augustus could be as sure of Aulus' loyalty as Quintus Augustus had been. "And what about you? What will you be doing once your term as vigintivir comes to an end?" There was something about Tiberius that reminded Aulus very much of himself at a similar age. He would do everything in his power to ensure that the young man, and his own son, did not have to live through a period of turbulence and unrest such as that which had marred his own early career. @Sarah
  22. Attis had rejoined his friend on the bench, and the dog flopped onto its hindquarters, looking up at him hopefully before putting a paw on his knee. He grinned and began to fuss it. "No - he called it Rugam - you can see why. I'm the one who calls him Licky, because he is, very." He shrugged. "I've never really been around dogs, I haven't the first clue how to actually begin to teach him anything. At least, anything really useful, though he shakes hands now." He turned his head, giving Tranquillus an inquisitive look. "Who's Samorix?" It sounded barbarian, vaguely British. @Chevi
  23. "Very well, thank you - and I will." Many people vied for a consul's attention, most of whom could be deflected to a more appropriate and more junior official, but other than his own family none had better claim to his time than Tiberius Claudius Sabucius, save only his brother Titus Augustus and their father. He caught the eye of his chief lictor and gave him directions in a low voice to disperse the others but for them to stay in view. Being this close to the Forum and the Curia Julia, presumably the proprietor was used to official and their entourages, but that was no need to overwhelm anyone, especially when there were several establishments where his lictors could spend his money and still be close enough to hand should anything untoward happen. He would keep the chief lictor with him, just in case, though - the man had been a Centurion in Legio XX Valeria Victrix and could be perfectly discreet and very handy in case of any trouble. It wasn't long before they were seated at the establishment's best table with a decent range of food spread before them, and Aulus could properly take stock of the young man. Quintus' adopted son was a serious-looking young man, young but determined - he had already taken his place among the vigintiviri, which was not a necessary step to beginning the cursus honorum, especially for a member of the Imperial family, but was a useful one. "How are you finding political life so far?" he asked, helping himself to a sprig of grapes. @Sarah
  24. The Curia was slowly emptying of people after the most recent session of the Senate, and Aulus found that he was one of the last to leave, having been waylaid by some ancient senator who must have been twice his age if he was a day, who only wanted to talk his ear off about taxes, the grain dole, the cost of games these days and other inconsequential things. He turned to head from the august chamber, pausing before he emerged into the sunlight and the presence of his lictors (Horatia had a point about them, even if Aulus wouldn't admit it - they did rather get in the way when you wanted to be a private citizen... on the other hand, part of the thing about being Consul was that you weren't a private citizen for the entire time you were in office. It was rather the point, after all!) There was someone else taking a momentary breather in the shade of the Curia's colonnade, a young man who must be just starting out on his political career. At first Aulus thought it was his son, but Titus was still a few years short of joining the Senate. "Claudius Sabucius," he said, once he caught a better look at the other. "Good afternoon - I trust you didn't find today's session too tiresome?" @Sarah
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