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Tiberius Claudius Sabucius

Last son of Caesar Claudius, twin of Claudia Caesaris, nephew and adopted son of Caesar Quintus, adopted brother of Caesar Titus. A young man now on the stage for which he was both bred and prepared, treading a fine line between moving with confidence and learning what he needs to know. Ardent supporter of his brother the new Caesar. Interested in ways to improve life in the Empire and ensure it's stability. Somewhat naive around women.

Interested in: politics, friends, romance, possible marriage, slaves, patronage (giving), family business. 




Spurius Antius Claudus

Once a legionnaire and badly injured whilst serving in Brittania, Spurius took his severence pay in slaves and is now a successful slave trader. Garrulous in public, the cost of his success has made him somewhat bitter in private. Pays the tax rather than taking a wife because he views himself as damaged goods. Walks with a distinct limp and is known as 'Claudus' - The Lame - by his peers. Can be a cranky old bugger but total marshmallow cactus.

Interested in: business, friends, pleb politics, slaves, romance, patronage (giving and receiving).




Teuta Varinia

Freedwoman, mother of Teutus, former lover of Tertius. A romantic heart with a practical head and a life of hard experience. Discovering what the free life is like. Adores her son, loves helping people. Everyone's mum for a sestercius. Just wants everyone to be happy.

Interested in: stories involving her son and/or former lover, romance, friends





Slave, owned by Claudia Corinthia. Serves her as both gladiator and, increasingly, bodyguard. From the north of Britannia, still quietly regretted ever coming south to trade, but largely resigned to his new life. Stoic, thoughtful, strong. Ex-blacksmith. A bit lost. Finding his way in this new life.

Interested in: friends, especially other slaves from Britain, intrigues, romance.




Lucius Ovinius Camillus

Second son of Gaius Ovinius Camillus, Praetor, and older brother to Ovinia Camilla. Recently returned from serving as a military tribune in the provinces, Lucius is now considering the next phase of his life. The black sheep of the family, he is much more relaxed and laid back than his father or siblings, but that doesn't mean that he's a fool. Currently trying to map out his future over the next few years whilst not getting railroaded by his father. Dotes on his sister.

Interested in: friends, role models, romance, potential wife, political intrigues, patronage (giving)




Publius Horatius Justinius

First son of Marcus Horatius Justinius, Publius takes his role as heir and future pater familias of the Horatii-Justinii very seriously. A natural born leader and tactician, he has shone through his military career, where the structured lifestyle and clear expectations suit him, and he expected the same in his household. His political career has been more modest, but his term as a Quaestor in Achaea in 76AD has ensured his previously elected seat in the senate. His beloved wife Lucia passed away in 75AD whilst trying to give him another child, and he has struggled a little to find purpose following her loss. Now back in Rome he is intent on getting his life and career back on track.

Interested in: friends, romance, potential wife, political intrigues, patronage (giving), family shenanigans

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Added Publius.
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Hi Sarah! 

I'm Kali, I play Titus! 

I would love to threated these two at some point! Past and present areas, of course ^_^. 

There's also a group thread here, that while it's a bit old and from last year's earthquake plot, can be revived! 

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Hello Sarah! 

Tiberius and Marcus Junius Silanus should definitely meet and hang out, since Marcus used to stay or at least spend a lot of time at the palace in his youth, where he naturally befriended the imperial young people, who were around his own age. He's 18 years old now and always looking for the next adventure, while he at the same time has great hopes and dreams for his future :)

Newcomer to Rome is Horatia Sosia, whose father brought her to Rome to find her a husband. Since one of her cousins is married to one of the current consuls, Horatia kind of has a reason to mingle with Imperials and I'm sure her father would approve ;)

You're also welcome to look at my Plotter to see if any of my other chars catch your interest. Cynane lives at the palace, so she's likely to run into Tiberius... but there's also the rest :)

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Hi Atrice!

I'd definitely be up for a thread with Marcus, I can imagine that he, Tiberius and Titus were fast friends through their teenage years, along with the rest of the Imperials. And of course his older sister Junia was married to Tibs' brother Junus, so both Marcus and Lucius are his brothers in law so Tibs would want to stay close to the family. Do you have any specific ideas?

I'm also more than happy for him to meet Sosia. I'm sure he would be too, since I'm sure he'd appreciate her company and is of an age to be considering young women as potential partners. Are there any social events coming up?

And I'm sure he'll run into Cynane, sooner rather than later.

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Well the thread for Marcus and Tiberius is fine, we'll see what shenanigans they get up to 😄

Sosia is very sweet and kind and would probably adore Tiberius. I don't know if any social events are coming up, but we could just make one up, if you'd like a thread between them?

I think Cynane and Tiberius could be interesting too, since Cynane is guarding Tiberius' twin, so they must run into each other from time to time. It could be interesting to see a conversation between them to find out if Cynane likes him or not... because I don't think I'm quite sure right now which of her lists he'd end up on, although I think it's the good list 😉


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@Sarah (and @Kali actually!!) I play Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus, one of the current consuls, and I'm absolutely desperate for him to have a thread with someone in the Imperial family before the end of the year (and of his term of office) - especially as he's part of the new consilium while he's in office, to help guide and counsel the new Caesar.

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Hello @Sarah

I definitely think that Tertius and Varinia need to catch up somehow - maybe they will randomly run into each other somewhere in Rome? It's been years now and Tertius had another son, so I think it might be very interesting for them to meet. I don't know yet if Tertius really cared about her or not, but I guess a thread may show it ;)

My Alexius would also just love to meet Varinia, I think she'd find him interesting too. Plus, if he manages to put two and two together and figure out she's Teutus' mother, he can introduce them again. And if she no longer has feelings for Tertius or has given up on that cause, maybe Alexius has a chance. He is definitely good at making people feel good, so if she needs hope, he'll do anything to help her :)

For your Spurius, Tertius could come looking for a new slave. Or maybe Spurius would like to meet my Manius Rutilius Gallus? He once worked at the slave markets, before he threw himself into being a slave and was then eventually freed. He also worked at the slave markets before the earthquake in 75AD, so maybe they even know each other? 

Spurius could also be interesting to set up meeting my Cynane or Wulfric, if he hates foreigners so much. Cynane is a bodyguard at the palace and is from Britannia and is quite fierce. Wulfric is a free foreigner from Germania and is mostly open-minded and friendly - and it would be interesting to have him meet someone who might not be friendly in return.

I still also think Tiberius and Cynane should have a thread at some point, since she is guarding his sister ;)

of course we can't do all of these at once, but if you think any of them sound very interesting, let me know :D 

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@Atrice, yes! All the things!

I would love to have Varinia and Tertius meet. I suspect she would like a few answers and it would be interesting to see how he reacts to her, now that he's not under his father's thumb any more. The current plan is that Varinia will be one of the slaves in stock in that thread between Teutus and Spurius, and that Teutus will buy her and free her. Of course, if Sharpie is up for it, we could introduce further complications. Certainly I'd be interested to have her meet Alexius. Perhaps he's one of the first people she meets after she is freed? Maybe at the markets? After the thread with Teutus?

Spurius might be quite interested to meet Manius, I'm not sure how he'd react to the man's history so that could be really interesting. He's always available to customers, if Tertius wants more slaves. Heh, that could even be where Tertius hears that Varinia has surfaced again, and he just missed her. We could run that one after the threat with Teutus.

It would be interesting to have Spurius meet one of your slaves, perhaps Cynane since his grudge is particularly against Britannics. It was in Britannia that he got his injury, which is why he dislikes foreigners. Mostly people from that barbaric isle ;). So that could be fun. We could do this one now.

Definitely up for Tiberius and Cynane. He could come looking for Claudia and she's resting, or maybe Cynane brings him a message? Or they run into each other somewhere random. We could run this one now.

Your wanted ad for a lover for Cynane makes me want to bring Aeneas back as well, but I think I have enough on my plate for now. Maybe she could help Spurius get over his dislike of foreigners. XD

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If Teutus is going to buy and free Varinia, I guess that's how she could meet Alexius, since he and Teutus work together. She could come see Teutus' warehouse or something and run into Alexius there, after the thread with Teutus ;)

I also like your idea of Spurius and Tertius meeting and that's how he finds out about Varinia. So that's another thread for the future...

Spurius and Cynane must meet somehow, maybe she has a day off and happens upon the slave markets. I imagine they'll not be friendly to begin with, but she would just love to make him dislike foreigners a little less. Although it could end up being the opposite, depending on how he treats her 😆

I think Tiberius coming to look for Claudia, who is resting, sounds like a good way for Tiberius and Cynane to have a reason for a thread, so we can set up that one too :)

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Hi Hi @Sarah!

I think that Gaius & Spurius could very well potentially know one another; though with so many legionnaires to keep a track of, I would assume that the chances of them actually having crossed paths would be slim. (Also Tobias Menzies!) The both of them are rather jaded, so there's probably some option where they meet and talk more about their pasts and regrets at some point in the future when maybe they become more familiar.

Along the same lines, I think it would be very interesting to see Gaius & Tiberius interact too. Not entirely sure on which grounds but I think it would be cool to see them have maybe even a passing thread. Or eventually if Tiberius needs more guards - I'm more than willing to toss Gaius into the fray.

Gaius & Varinia would also be a good connection potentially, maybe interacting in the marketplace or having been friends once upon a time perhaps, I don't think Gaius would bring her any physical hope but he could always try to be someone to lean against if she needs? Or, perhaps Gaius had been with her sons in the Legion and he's made a promise to go and find Varinia?

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Hi @Faustus!

I'm definitely up for some threads. Gaius and Spurius seem like an obvious combination; both pleb and veterans. There's a few characters about their age who served in the Legions, I swear we need a Roman RSL (Returned Serviceman's League). Spurius trades slaves in the Emporium Magnum and is around there a lot, so that might be an obvious place.

Gaius and Tiberius could encounter each other at random. Tiberius is interested in people who can provide him with different points of view on the Empire and her people, so there might be an option there. He has moved out of the palace and into the Villa Sullusti (which is still an Imperial residence) and is forming his own household, so there's potential for a guard.

For Gaius and Varinia, she only had the one child, Teutus, when she was quite young, who she's now living with, so there aren't any others to find. Again they could meet at the markets. She's newly freed and enjoying exploring being free so is generally happy to chat to most people.

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