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Welcome to my plot page! You'll find who I play below! 
Every character is linked to their app for further reading.
You can reach me via pm or on discord via Kali#3058
should you want more private plotting.

Please tag me so I don't miss your message.



Refer to his app for his history and personality. 

What is he seeking?
Friends & enemies. 
Threads with his family.
Nothing endgame romantically (already in the works).*

*Though I am sure there are those seeking to snag a prince, ladies. 

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Hello Kali, and welcome aboard! 🙂 I come to offer plots!

Marcus Junius Silanus is the son of Decimus Junius Silanus and stepson of Flavia Juliana. Since he was 5 years old, he's been coming with her to the Imperial palace and has befriended the Imperial sons - including Titus, of course. So I'd love to see a thread between these two young and ambitious men, who are both just waiting for important things to happen 🙂 and they can bond over more than one thing too, for example they both seem to have a crush on someone they're related to 😉

Cynane is Claudia Caesaris' slave and bodyguard, and former gladiatrix. I think a thread between Titus and Cynane could be quite interesting, because she is very protective of Claudia and has some deeper feelings for the young woman too. She dislikes most other Romans and probably isn't too fond of Caesar's son either 😛

Lexus is the son of a gladiator and both his parents were slaves, but his mother freed before she was born. He is friendly and openminded and wouldn't mind a friend in high places, if Titus would ever befriend a plebian boy. I think he met Tiberius once.

Septima Major is also one half of a set of twins of Equite rank in Rome. She's a romantic type of girl, a real girly girl and she'd just loooove to meet a prince (she's very curious about boys) and probably fall for him (although it may not be returned).

What say you? 


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Rufus is the body slave to Titus' Uncle Octavius. He's a few years older than Titus and only recently come to Rome from his former master's house in Campania. 

Volusa is the body-slave of Titus' cousin Claudia Caesaris, and lives in the palace, so he'll probably see her around. If he has and interaction with Claudia, Volusa will almost certainly be there somewhere, unless she's deliberately sent away. She'll be the one to approach about passing messages to Claudia...

Teutus, now Teutus Quinctilius Varus, is the freedman son of Senator Tertius Quinctilius Varus, and isn't quite sure what he's going to do now because he can't follow his father into a political career (unless Quintus Augustus allows it). He could be an interesting friend for Titus.

Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus is a senator, recently returned from governing the province of Raetia, and is hoping for his consulship. He has been a longtime ally of Quintus Augustus, going right back to the civil war, so Titus would be familiar with him. He has a son, younger than Titus (also named Titus!) who will be taking his manhood toga soon.

Marcus Eppius Parthenicus is the head of White chariot racing faction. He is always on the lookout for sponsors, and would be extremely pleased if Titus were to support the Whites. 

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You know I am up for this. 

I play Clauds although other possible plots include Octs, Corinthia and Pontia. 

Claudia - They would definitely see each other sometime. A big thread with them and their friends in the future sounds like fun. 

Corinthia - She would hate him but probably want him at the same time. 

Pontia - Head Vestal. She met with Tiberius already and it could be good to see what 

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Hi Kali, welcome to AeRo!

Since there aren't enough Titi around, let me throw mine your way! Titus Sulpicius Rufus is pretty much in the same boat as Sharpie's Aulus - also a long time supporter of Quintus Augustus going abck to the civil war, and good enough in the latter's books to have been a legate in Dacia 70-74 AD. He's now eyeing a praetorship for practical reasons, but his heart is in playing general out there in some province. He's also a distant relation through his sister-in-law Cornelia Scipionis!

Then I also have Livia Justina, sister-in-law to both Sharpie's Aulus and Atrice's Tertius Quinctilius Varus. She doesn't really care for politics, though, so not sure if there's anything in there for your Titus. Anyway, I'm game for whatever you have in mind!

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@Atrice- At the 4 characters you offered, I will say the first two have almost instant threadage potential due to their connections. Though Titus will be willing to have a conversation and see where friendship goes with Lexus and Septima should they ever meet in the streets. Looking at your other characters, I'd imagine he'd know Pinaria Gaia via his aunt, her sister, Lucretia and I'm sure there's been chances for him to have met Tertius as he does seem himself as his father's heir - he'd tried to get to know the senators that run things as they might be under his rule one day. 

@Sharpie- Right off the bat I know he'd probably have threads with Volusa (whom he might use as his go between once he start romancing Claudia) and Aulus, largely due to their connections and Titus desiring to know the senators of Rome. Rufus to a lesser extent but should they cross paths at Octs' home, we can easily thread them! As for your others, if they crossed paths, he wouldn't ignore them! We can see how their interactions happen naturally! 

@Gothic - OMG, just let him have a thread with Clauds before he drives me INSANE. XD. A big thread would be fun as well! He wants one with Octs too. Corinthia is a piece of work from what I read, interactions could be both hellish and fun. Pontia should likely expect a visit from Titus! 

@Liv - I imagine he would know of his relations by marriage through his father's cousins. So yes, I can see him knowing Titus Rufus, at the very least enough to recognize him and his own. As for Livia, perhaps we can just toss them into a random thread and see where things go. LOL. 

@Eris - You don't need to ask for that, lol. That's a given, love! 

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Cynane is already present at the Earthquake thread, but she and Titus could also have a thread set before that date or perhaps after, if that would be more interesting. I have no idea what he'll think of the Briton bodyguard that's been walking around the palace the last few years, so that could be interesting. Marcus and Titus will also be fun to set up, I think Marcus may be more of a brat than Titus and a potential bad influence with his ideas and games 😄

Pinaria Gaia and Tertius are of course also open to threads, I think Tertius might be most obvious because he's a senator and Titus could try and befriend him for future allies and such 🙂


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