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Aeterna Roma RPG

Regio IV - Porta Absidata

Named after the gate that leads into this part of the city. Included within its area is the valley between the Esquiline and Velian Hills, the Subura, and the Velian Hill. It is famous as an area of housing for the poor, and as a red-light district.


Suburbs of Absidata: The housing of the commoners within the city of Rome. These apartments can range from near-shacks to quite large condominiums and are all owned by Roman citizens of the lowest social class.

Domus Venus

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The reputable "House of Venus", one of the city's premier brothels that is owned and operated by members of one of Rome's many criminal collegia. The brothel caters to only the most wealthy and powerful of patrons. 

Owned by a former gladiatrix. People who visit the brothel Domus Venus get a discount on a meal and drink here and vice versa. It includes a main area for drinking/eaten and a kitchen for cooking. Bellona and her slaves live upstairs.

The Elysium

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The Elysium has been around for at least 40 years and is a cheaper brothel than the nearby Domus Venus.

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