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Regio V - Esquiliae

The name of this region comes from the Esquiline Hill, which is mostly situated within the region. Parts of the Oppian and Cispian hills (toward the center of the city) are also encompassed. Within are the barracks for the Fire Brigade and a Temple of Minerva, to name a few locales.


Domi Esquilinae

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The homes of wealthy Roman families upon the Esquiline Hill.


On the southern slope of the Esquiline, where the hill meets the flatter parts of the city are the insulae, or shanty-apartments where the majority of Rome's population resides. (These are the homes of very poor citizens & freedmen. If you want a home here for your character, PM a staff member.)

The Headquarters of the Vigiles, Romes firefighting and police force. The Prefect of the Vigiles can be found here. Likewise, if there are any crimes to report, they can be reported here before being taken to the courts.

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